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27 Sep 10 How to Become a Strong Woman?

World has always remained male dominated and male driven. Where power comes naturally to men, women have to acquire it, fight for it, and become really strong to find a space for herself in this world. A strong woman is the one who believes in herself, stays independent, respects herself, and takes decisions herself. She lives life, doesn’t survive merely. Many of us wish to be like that, but don’t know how. Here are some guidelines to get you into the shoes of a strong woman.

Know yourself

Take out time for yourself. Sit alone and analyze yourself. Try to know your ‘true’ self, who you are in real inside a human body. Try to explore your spiritual being. It will not only make your vision clear but will also lend you a good understanding of life. Spiritual understanding will help you to understand the deepest truths, explore true knowledge, and fetch ultimate wisdom. This will make you wiser, immaterialist, and omnipotent. Meditate, read books on spirituality, visit relevant sites on Internet. You should know what you want in life. Fix your goal and work towards it.

Love and depend on yourself

Love yourself, as it’s you who will be with your shadow forever. People may give you shoulder to lean upon, but no one is eternal. At the end of the day, it’s you, all alone. Be self-reliant. That’s emotional maturity. The day you stop depending on others, expecting from others you are a strong individual. Take care of yourself. Do everything yourself and fulfill emotional needs too. Meditate and pray often.

Be financially independent

Independence starts with financial freedom. Earn for yourself. Pay your bills, rent, food, household finances, shopping. Maintain own bank account. It not only makes one independent, but also increases self-confidence and courage. Financial dependence on others makes us weak, indebted and parasite. A strong woman is the one who’s capable of looking after herself. Find job or do something which you are good at and capable of doing. If money earning asks for some specific education or skill, go and learn that. There’s no end to learning.

Be honest to yourself

You may lie to the whole world. But don’t lie to yourself. Admit your weaknesses. Accept yourself the way you are. You may admire someone and get motivated, but don’t try to be a copied version. It will make you frustrated. You may have potential which no one else has. Realize that.

Follow your heart

A strong woman takes independent decisions, follows her own heart. Do what makes you happy. Entire world may reject your choice, but if you believe in it follow it. Don’t forget, it’s your life, you should live it the way you wish to. You are supposed to be happy. It’s not being selfish.

Go, the world is all yours. Walk with your chin up.

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