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26 May 10 How to Impress Your Boss (Part 2)

In the last article I shared some of the insiders’ tips that will help you find a prominent in the good book of your boss. Taking the discussion forward, in this article I will share some more tips on the topic.

Learn to impress your boss

  • Always be pro-active. Don’t wait for order to work. Find solution to problems even if not assigned to you. It will unveil your potential and dedication too.
  • Always attend the training sessions. Broaden your horizon. It will help you to learn and grow. It also shows your interest.
  • Take good care of your health. A bad health could run down your productivity and all career dreams.
  • Know your boss’s priorities. If he judges quality by quantity, quantify your result. If he is inclined towards client satisfaction, treat client as the sole purpose of your work. Customize your working style as per your boss’s attitude towards work. No boss likes contradicting employees.
  • Follow your boss. If he is more comfortable with telephonic conversation that email, follow the same. Study him or her for a while before grasping and adopting his style of conduct.
  • Always ask questions. It will reflect your interest in work, curiosity towards new things. Ask unexpected questions reflecting your intellect and deep analytical skill. Your boss would flaunt you everywhere then.
  • There’s no problem in seeking or providing help. When you need help ask for it. If you are capable of lending a helpful hand, don’t hesitate either.
  • Do everything with a personalized touch of yours. That’s what makes you different from the rest. Do the same job in your own style. But don’t let the logic fly off. Within given limitations try to add your own style. It could be your superb style of writing or even just a small entertaining act before the big presentation.
  • Be punctual throughout your career life except few emergencies. Always come on time. You could reach earlier too. Reach meetings on time. It reflects responsible behavior. Don’t be absent often.
  • Always meet deadlines. Make sure you complete your task before the due date. At the same time quality shouldn’t be compromised.
  • Don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts and ideas. Your observations and ideas could be very important for the company. Speak up with confidence. Raise new points. He will definitely appreciate your concern and interest. It will also set a good tuning of yours with your boss. If he sees good potential in you, he may consult you every time when he needs to decide upon new things.
  • Last but not the least, always be his fan. Every boss needs a little stroke of his ego, little appreciation, little admiration and lot of flattering. Following his examples could fetch him great compliments.

Follow the tips I have shared in both the articles, and you will always make a place in the good book of your bosses.

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