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29 Apr 11 How to Promote Your Reseller Web Hosting Plans

Many of web hosting resellers find it difficult to break into the big leagues of web hosting companies. They feel selling reseller or normal web hosting plan is tricky, and no one will be interested in buying from them because they wrongly think they do not have the required budget to compete with the big guns.

To bust this promotion myth, in this article, I am going to talk about three places where one can promote one’s web hosting reseller accounts.

Web hosting forums

Meaningful discussions in web hosting forums pull a significant numbers of visitors, some of which, after seeing your offers converts into customers.

You need to participate in 4-5 top forums, and visit each one of them regularly so that you can build credibility in the market. And always remember to not ever do blatant promotion. It often gets neglected and it may result in banning.

Add your plans to web hosting directories

Regardless of what they say, vertical directories (niche specific directories) works wonder – sometimes directly, while at others indirectly by boosting your search ranking.

Choose a handful of high-PR web hosting directories and submit your website into each one of them. Provide as much details as possible. Make sure you have filled each column properly.

Start web hosting channel on YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, and in many ways it has replaced article consumption. Now more and more people watch instructional as well as educational videos, and you do not need to be a Hollywood film producer or director to produce or create such video. For that, all you need is a basic consumer camera, PowerPoint, screen recorder, and a headphone.

You will not even need PowerPoint and screen capture software, if all you need to do is talking. Create a YouTube channel, deliver good content, and optimizing it for discoverability.

Start will these three things now, and see the result. In the next article, I will give you some more tips on promoting your web hosting reseller accounts.

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