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16 Jun 10 How to Take Good Care of Your Hair?

Who doesn’t like to flaunt shiny crowning glory – beautiful tresses? A healthy hair is no less than an asset. Everyone wants that and that is why everyone else is sharing hairdo tips and tricks, which at best confuses the reader further. In this mayhem came this tip jar that will tell you everything about hairdo and hair care.

Hair care tips

  1. Take daily care and own ravishing hair.
  2. A healthy hair is possible only when it’s well nourished and well fed with all necessary nutrients like zinc, protein and other natural resources. Ensure a regular balanced healthy diet.
  3. Cleanliness of hair is very important aspect. It’s recommended to wash your hair at least twice a week. With wash all oil, grease, and dirt are removed. Use mild shampoo devoid of harsh chemicals. If you have sensitive scalp go for a proper medicated shampoo. Brush your hair before wash.
  4. Scalp massage makes hair healthy and shiny. It’s called dry shampoo.
  5. Part your hair and massage gently with your finger tips. Scalp massage enables growth of hair and prevents hair fall too. Practice it twice a day. It’s a great cure of many hair problems. One can also use hair tonics for massage. It will stimulate circulation. Choose a tonic as per your requirement or hair problem. Using tonic for general use is not much recommended.
  6. Always comb damp or wet hair with wide toothed hair comb or brush.
  7. Metal combs are strict ‘no no‘.
  8. Do not blow dry your hair, it damages hair texture and cuticles. In case, you have no other option than using it, keep the heat level low.
  9. Avoid using too many hair products. Even slight chemical will ruin your hair over a time. Use minimum products and stick to the same brands that suit your hair. Do not change brands too often.
  10. Too often changing hair styles like curling, straightening, and coloring also affect hair condition. If you are addicted to these, do them under professional guidance and take required care of hair after styling.
  11. While going to bed at night tie up hair into braid or ponytail. This keeps hair static and prevents hair fall.
  12. Don’t tie up your hair always. Breathing of scalp and hair is very important. It should enjoy sunbath and fresh air.
  13. Oil your scalp and hair frequently. Heat the oil and massage for 15 minutes. This is food for your hair. Olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and almond oil are good for hair. After massage wrap your hair with a steamed towel. Keep it for 15 minutes. It will open up blocked and damaged pores and help oil penetration within. Then wash it off.
  14. After hair wash, give your hair a tea bath.
  15. Egg is an extremely good conditioner. Try deep conditioning with mixture of egg, beer, and curd.
  16. To revive life in dry damaged hair mix vinegar with warm water. Rinse it all over hair and find lustrous bouncy hair.

Just follow these few hair tips and own ravishing hair.

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