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18 May 10 Internet Chatting – a Blessing or Curse?

Buzzing sounds of messengers from PC, laptop, mobile phone – where not? Internet chatting is the latest socializing tool, an addiction of gen-x. It has replaced face to face communication. Virtual communication has taken a toll on our lives. Lack of time, long physical distance, personal problems and a plethora of reasons have accelerated the pace of its growth. Whatever have been the reasons, Internet chatting has swept in a huge change in the way people communicate, be it in terms of language, style of talking or content of communication.

It has raised many eyebrows, many frowning parental concerns and unstoppable controversies. Well, just like everything else it also has both bright and dark side. Chatting has actually united the entire world as one community, anyone can be talked to, and anyone can be known. Physical, racial, age, regional – all distances have been blurred with the advent of Internet chatting. People meet on chat rooms, text-chat, voice-chat, video-chat, share photographs, become best friends from good friends, fall in love and even get married. Wow! It was incredible few decades back. That’s the real power of Internet chatting.

On the other hand Internet chatting according to many has complicated our lives further, making our communications virtual, fake and is nothing but an illusion. It is a ‘make belief’ medium. People have turned into unsocial bunch; by shutting the door, sitting at home and chatting with internet buddies, rather than going out and making friends in real. This chatting captivated generation prefers to be a couch potato, hold a drink in hand and chat about all the stuffs they hesitate to do in real. People often exploit this medium, peek into others profiles and defame them with wrong intentions, talk objectionable things openly, abuse or comment on others, lie and create even false or misleading image of self. As a result people have lost faith, trust, and dependability on each other.

Chatting has actually saved time from meeting face-to-face, it has united those buddies who lost connection while pacing up with life, it has zeroed down the physical distance, has enabled people remaining in touch throughout, has helped people to exchange views, ideas and knowledge. On the other hand it has attracted many notorious people who take advantage of anonymous identity on Internet and indulge into wrong affairs, which they are scared of doing in reality.

Commenting on Internet chatting’s credibility – whether it’s a blessing or a curse is like chasing a fish in the ocean. There are a lot more of it; waiting to be unveiled in coming days. Let’s just wait and experience it!

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