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29 Jul 11 3 Common Mistakes of Web Banner Advertisement Designing

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A web banner advertisement is a source of huge revenue for a website, provided it’s done aesthetically and reasonably. Bit imbalance of any of this duo can cause serious damage to the combination and therefore spoil the banner itself. Here are some common mistakes committed by web banner ad designers.

Too much of text input

Don’t forget that no one is interested in reading too much of text. On Internet people generally scan things, and are hardly seen reading unless it’s actively looked for. And web banners are challenged by the limitation of space, therefore putting too much of text into the same can actually suffocate the advertisement and with cramped fonts the advertisement may look extremely illegible. And too much of text make it look more like a notice and less like an advertisement. So stick to one short headline not more than three words and a call to action button and bullet points along with logo.

Irrelevant colors

Many designers behave erratically with colors and use them randomly without much though behind. Such practice can actually put a brand into grave problem or fatal identity loss and complete loss of brand recall and recognition. People remember a brand with the aid of its logo, corporate color, brand ambassador, mascots, typeface and the like. If a brand is not careful about using its corporate color effectively in its banner ad and uses any random color for its banner ad, people not only fail to recognize and identify the brand, but may also fail to even notice the same. If the banner is static, you can still do away with it, since it will carry the logo in the same frame. But if a banner ad is continuously blinking and found interactive flash based with different shades and designs appearing in each blink without much resemblance to the brand logo its can be risky for the brand as people may not wait till end to find the logo and find no apparent color association with the brand.

Nothing new

And the most fatal mistake that designers commit is making an ordinary, average banner ad, like any other average ad on websites. Don’t design just for the sake of designing. Rather than simply putting a headline, image, logo and call to action button in a regular way, do something new. Try experimenting with the layout, concept. Don’t design an advertisement, conceptualize an advertisement. Think about something new. Suppose it’s an automobile advertisement, the car may come from left of the page with a roaring sound and enter the banner in right and settle there, followed by the logo. Such advertisements are memorable and people share such advertisements with friends. Make it as interactive as possible.

Make sure you avoid these mistakes while designing a web banner advertisement.

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