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22 Jul 11 5 Essential tips for Brochure Designing

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Brochures are like reflection of your product or service. If you have an educational institution, it can be extremely useful tool to draw in more and more numbers of convinced parents with their kids. If you have a lovely product, a rightly designed product brochure can actually hike your sales figures, by widening the distribution chain or drawing in more and more number of convinced buyers. But a poorly designed brochure can actually spoil your business too, by making your product or company appear unprofessional or inexperienced. So make sure your brochure has good design, besides good content. It has to be visually appealing to grab attention. Here are few tips for you.

Images are necessary, not an option

Do not suffocate your brochure with too much of text. Too much of text not only makes the layout dull and boring, but also difficult to be read. Keep a balance between text and picture. Include as many pictures as you can in your brochure. Make sure pictures are relevant and appealing. Insert photographs which you own or product shots and drawings. Else you may get into copyright issues.

Colors should be handled with care

A colorful brochure draws more attention than a brochure in grey scale. A colorful splash always draws more attention of the viewer. But too many colors, not complementing each other can spoil it too. Make sure the colors complement each other. Use colors which suit your product category or the corporate image. Colors are highly related to emotions, use them effectively.

Enough of white space

At times marketers want to talk too much in a brochure, and suffocate the reader. But unfortunately, no one is interested in too much text. People scan a brochure they don’t read actively. And a brochure with enough of white space allows eyes to wander freely and make the rest of the things look prominent, bright and attractive.

Consistency in typeface

You may use a wide variety of typefaces on the cover or in a particular part of the brochure to draw attention; but in the main content of your brochure maintain typeface harmony, by using same font throughout. Be consistent in font size as well. Headline font size can be 14 or 16, 12 for the body text and 10 for captions and taglines.

Be careful about the folds

Be careful about the page folds and grids. At times, brochures are ruined, when page folds right through its text or picture in center. When photo and text runs through the fold, it’s a complete wastage. You can’t send across message effectively in mid of a fold. You may check the final design with a print out and see that folds compliment its design.


These are simple things about brochure designing yet commonly mistaken. Make sure you do your best at these.

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