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19 Sep 09 5 More Ways to Improve Your Writing Part-II

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This is the third article in the series that shares tips on writing. I believe there are small, mini steps that you can take every day to make a big change in your writing.

A word a day

Words and sentences are the pillars on which the structures of even gigantic epics are erected. From poems to stories, from drama to prose, from essays to articles, from fictions to non-fictions; everything is constructed from words. I hope I do not need to write more about the importance of words. The more you will learn the better will be your expression. Which word have you learned today?

Practice, practice, and practice

I know it sounds like some NBA or baseball coach shouting at you, but believe me nothing required more practice than writing. Leave writing for a month or two and you will see the significant drop in not only the quality of your work, but also in the way you use words and form sentences. Therefore, it is required of you to practice this craft daily, and keep your pen running and fingers moving on the keyboard.

Brush your Grammar

You must be wondering, why I am donning so many roles today; first I shouted like a sports coach, now I am advising you to read grammar with a stern face known to a school teacher. Let me put it other way. We need to practice grammar to keep ourselves aware of the rules, and grammar rules are nothing just a condensation of best writing practices that has been made standard. A common grammar rule book helps all of us remain on the same plane.

Remove distractions

Writing is not a social activity. It is a lonely journey through the highs of mountains and lows of valleys. This is the journey you have to take alone, and as soon as you get a company your journey is terminated then and there. Remove everything from the place that you are going to use to write. Remove all distractions.

Try different forms of writing

If you write just blog post then try writing press releases or sales letter and vice versa. If you are a fiction writer then write nonfiction. If you write poems, write stories. Change your genre and try your limit.

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