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08 Aug 09 Don’t Be Afraid To Lose Your Job

The economy has slowly begun to make slight recoveries, and jobs are also slowly being replaced, allowing for the many people without jobs to find new opportunities.  But that doesn’t mean the fear of losing your job has gone away.  The economy is still in pretty rough shape, and the numbers aren’t exactly improving by a large amount.  No doubt everyone is still very afraid of losing the little that they’ve worked so hard to earn as things stand now.  But you can’t let that fear of losing your job affect your life, or else you could find yourself in a very unfortunate situation, just the sort you were scared of in the first place.

Being afraid to lose your job can affect your performance at work, and how well you function in the other aspects of your life, from social activities to health and well being.  Fear of something like job loss is extremely stressful, putting your body through a whole torrent of negative emotions and thoughts, affecting your life in any manner of negative ways.  So your first step to combat those negative emotions?  Control what you experience concerning the economy.

It’s good to keep tabs on what’s going on in the world, but if you find a lot of stories about economic tension, try to avoid them.  You know the state of the economy, there’s no reason you need to be reading about it every five minutes.  By sort of ignoring the negative news, you’re not allowing yourself new information to worry over, decreasing the likelihood that you will be stuck thinking about how horrible life could turn if you lost your job.

Make a good plan for how to conduct your job search should you lose your job.  This way you have a back up plan at the ready, so the blow of actually losing your job wouldn’t be as harsh of one.  Being prepared is never a bad thing, and you’ll feel better knowing that you’re ready for anything, no  matter what the economy throws at you.

Finally, just stay positive.  Positive thinking is the best way to reduce stress and fell better.  Stress is usually derived from negative thinking, so instead of worrying about life without your job, think about how glad you are to still have a job despite the economic turmoil.

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