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06 Jun 10 Essentials for Travelers

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Travel is fun and always looked forward to. Whenever we think of our next holiday trip it surely brings a smile on our face. But the thought of packing bag before the onset of journey is surely no less than a nightmare. The worry of taking all important things along to the destination is itself fatal. But a well-laid out guide of essentials can surely abandon the pain. Next time you have to pack your bags, you need not worry anymore.

Before leaving for any unfamiliar place do enough of research on the destination. You can take help of travel book and magazines, travel portals, travel guides or travel agencies. But make sure you know everything about the distance, climate, society, food, means of transport, rules and regulations, currency etc.

Passport, visas are definitely not to be forgotten. Rail, flight, bus, ship tickets should be kept in the hand bag or briefcase a day before the journey.

Don’t forget to take your identity proofs. Put your name tags on your luggage too.

Money, cheque books, drafts, visa cards should be placed in the hand bag or briefcase at least few hours before leaving your house. Without these essentials you will reach nowhere. Keep your insurance documents handy.

Don’t forget to carry your mobile phone, laptop, i-pod/mp3 player, e-book reader and whatever gadgets you consider to be essential part of your daily life. If you are about to travel for long duration carry a worldwide SIM card.

Travel maps are not to be forgotten. If you are travelling to a country of different language try to carry a localized travel guide and phrase books. They will be of immense help.

Then start with the clothes. Carry clothes as per the climate and societal restrictions of the destination. Consider the dress material as per the month of visit and weather of the land. If you plan to shop clothes at the place you are visiting, keep your luggage minimum. If you are approaching a land where monsoon is about to strike don’t forget to carry raincoats, umbrella.

Flip flops, cap or hat, sunglasses, watches enabled with alarming facility or a separate alarm clock (so that you don’t miss your midnight flight or train), a torch and batteries, chargers and plug adapter, zip-close plastic bags, water bottles, condoms, sleeping bag, swiss army knife or tool kit are among the small essential things that you will require in your journey.

Keep yourself entertained even in the long boring train journeys. Carry a novel you wanted to finish long back, games or playing cards, mp3 player, video and still camera.

Take enough of skin and health protections. It’s only when you stay healthy you can make the maximum of your travel. Keep yourself prepared from all adversities. Carry UV ray protection lotion, hand disinfectant, toilet paper, pain relief spray, bandages, antiseptics, insect and mosquito repellent, water purification tablets or liquid, prescribed medicine, diarrhea medicine, body lotion, soap, toothbrush and paste, deodorant, lip balm, hair shampoo and conditioner, hair dryer, shaving kit, mini mirror, towel.

That’s it. Now sit back and wait for the time to bid adieu.

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