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18 Nov 09 Finding Consistent Freelance Writing Work

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If you’re a freelance writer, finding more work is all about being persistent.  Finding those jobs means putting yourself out there time and time again.  You can’t get discouraged by slow periods.  Slow periods of little work happen to everyone.  How you handle them is what determines how successful you will become.  By keeping on that path, and not giving up, you run the highest chance of finding the work you’re looking to acquire.

So sell yourself.  A resume for a freelance writer mostly consists of the content you can deliver.  Your educational achievements aren’t as important as your current work.  Show off what you can do by having your own blog.  Most looking to hire freelance writers use personal blogs as a gauge for writing ability, and character.  This will tell them that you’re the right person for the job.  So keep a blog, maintain it, and make it look as fancy as you possibly can.

Try freelance writing bidding sites.  These are a good way to start out, or find decent paying work.  The higher end jobs are the ones you can only get by making a name for yourself.  So start out small, and earn that renown.  Try a few websites like oDesk, Elance, and Guru.  All offer many freelance writing jobs, and have new jobs updated frequently.

Read up on your competition, and see what they are doing to succeed. One of my favorite sites to check out trends, and ideas for getting new work, is ProBlogger.  They not only have a job board, but also provide an education into how to become a successful freelance writer.  Freelance writing is like any other art.  What you get out of writing is directly related to how much you put into writing.  If you are dedicated, and contribute the proper time and effort, you’ll flourish no matter what.

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