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27 Oct 10 How to Become Organized?

Who doesn’t wish to be organized in life? Many of us take pledges of becoming organized, everyday. But only few actually manage to become organized. But if one gets into the habit of staying organized, life becomes much smoother and easier. Who wants to keep searching for a pen in the house when needed, and finding it after 3 days from the cupboard? It’s not only inconvenient but also very frustrating. Whereas, by staying little bit organized, one can not only stay at ease, but also emotionally balanced and grounded. They are capable of managing time better, stay in a cheerful de-stressed mood forever. They don’t feel insecure or imbalanced. An organized place looks warm, clean, relaxing and happy.

Here are some tips about getting organized.

Start connecting things

Start making mental connections. Organizing things is a mental process. Start treating similar objects as a group. As for example, suppose you are shifting to a new house. While packing your stuff keep kitchen equipments together in a box. All glass items which are breakable could be in one box. Put all woolen clothes in a box. This way, you are actually memorizing things which are similar in nature or by any other reference. You could also group things of same material or color or size. Start grouping and connecting things in your mind.

Divide things

Just similar to the process of assembling or connecting, you can also divide things into separate entities. If you have a huge database of names, you could divide them alphabetically into different sections. And then put them into different folders, with alphabets of names written on top. Too many things together need segregation into many parts. It gets easier to remember.

Keep things in their own place

Don’t keep shifting place of things, it will confuse you and make you forget when needed. So make sure a book is in the book shelf only, money is in the wallet. If you use a thing, place it back where it was initially. If a thing is in its actual position for long, it becomes memorized and habituated to.

Re-sort things often

Even if you are super organized, with time things get scattered, mixed and cluttered. Such situation calls for re-sorting and re-arrangement. New clothes get mixed with the old ones, gadgets pile up, shoes get stored one on the other and such situations calls for re-arrangement and re-sorting.

Get rid of stuffs

At times one needs to get rid of not so important or obsolete old stuffs, to make space for the new upcoming ones. If something has been part of your life since long but has no such meaning in present term, get rid of it. You need not be sentimental about it.

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