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07 May 11 How to Make New Interior Decoration Company Successful?

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Interior decoration is a passionate profession, reflection of aesthetic sense, and color combination. But not many people indulge into service of an interior decoration consultant, assuming it is unnecessarily expensive affair and is meant only for a section of rich people. When you wish to reach a new tier of market and generate sales, here are few tips for you.

Keep your consultancy fee low

In the beginning do not ask for premium price. Keep it low and competitive. Since you are catching up with the market and wish to change the way people look up to interior decoration service, keep your consultancy charge as low as possible.

Offer free advices for a day

Initially to attract people with the exuberance of your skill, you can give some free advices as a free sample. You may run offers all across magazines, newspapers, television saying your interior decoration experts will be visiting individual houses to provide free advice and guidance regarding their houses. You may offer free service only for a specific room within the house. This way you will soon gain popularity and become a household name for all. For further help people will remember of you and recommend your name to others.

Start networking on Facebook

A recent social networking rage – Facebook is a phenomenal way to get popular overnight. Build a fan page of your company. Your only mission is to have as many fans as possible and maximum numbers of ‘like’s and ‘comment’s against your posts. Now start getting active here. Frequently update status. You can post some questions, advices, achievements, contests, tips, pictures of beautiful decors done by your company and videos, pictures of fans, testimonials etc. Start running weekly contests, asking people to share or comment or reply to questions where you may give free goodies to winners. It will keep the attention of your fans really high and your company will reap fast growth of followers.

Always show ‘before’ and ‘after’ state

Whenever you wish to convince your audience with the caliber of your company, always display your work. People will realize worth of your work only when you compare the result with what it was before. So display the ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture side by side. It will convince the audience about your skills.

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