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15 Jul 11 How to Write a Product Review?

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Writing product review of items that you have personally used or purchased or observed can be extremely beneficial for other interested shoppers. It’s equally beneficial for the product for its promotional deeds as nothing works better than a user’s review. You may write a product review of anything right from a toilet cleaner to the diamond necklace. Product review writing requires specific understanding of its style, pattern and tricks. Here are some essential points of product review writing.

Buy or use the product

For writing a good and transparent product review just knowing the product and seeing others using is not enough. To know it inside out you need to buy it first or get as a gift and use it for a considerable period of time to write on the same. Otherwise it may have many loopholes and bias involved.

Know where to write

You should know the kind of platform where you can write the intended review of a product. It can be a personal blog or different product review sites or public forums and places like Yahoo answer. Unless people are exposed to it, there’s no point in writing a review.

List all features and functions

A product review is incomplete if it doesn’t include details of the product features and its functions. Listing features in detail is all the more important when you are writing product review for a consumer durable good like DVD player, e-book reader, mobile phone. Equally illustrate the functions in detail. When a person is buying online, is handicapped by the physical look and feel of the product. So he or she is totally reliable on your review.

Comparison can be useful for the reader

Comparison with other competitive brands always helps. It can be a stand alone review too. Evaluate a product thoroughly and then start comparing with others. Know the competitive brands and start comparing.

Keep it conversational

Reviews are supposed to be conversational. Don’t try to be too formal. Keep your tone easy and approachable.

Keep your bias aside, be candid

Even if you love the product don’t let the bias come in between. If you don’t like something about it, be rational and candid about voicing the same. It will help many prospective buyers to make a better purchase decision. Give them true picture, not a review to pull up the sales instead.

Product image and video

Since, people are devoid of seeing the product and feeling it when buying online; it’s better if they can see many images and video of the same on their computer screen. They can immediately connect to the same. You may create a video at home of you using the product and displaying its functions. You may give an apt voice over, or a comparative video comparing with competitive brands.

Now get started with writing a product review.

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