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10 Nov 09 Power of Checklist and Why Should You Have One Handy

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It is often impossible for busy freelance writers to keep track of everything that they have to accomplish in order to successfully complete the work at hand. Often times, you end up missing one thing or another, and it is not before you have hit the button send that you realize the mistake you have committed. But by then it is already too late, and the process of sending an apology mail followed by the correct version of the piece that you sent starts. Generally, clients will not say anything, nevertheless, it reflects badly on your reputation and professionalism. Hence, you should work on doing the things right in the first time only, and in that checklists help a great deal.

Benefits of a checklist

A checklist offers many benefits, and unlike its how-to part, it does not require us to invest lots of time reading it. A checklist offers the following benefits:

  • It helps us know what we require to accomplish in order to get the work done before we embark upon.
  • It works as a guiding post, when we get stuck in the middle of the project and ask now what.
  • A checklist helps us verify if we have missed something in the project.
  • A checklist is easily scanable, and it should be kept handy when doing some work, as it will help us remember what needs to be done.
  • A checklist can help us properly prepare the budget keeping each item in mind.
  • It can prove to be a valuable asset when it comes to making a business decision.


One must keep a checklist handy whenever one embarks upon a new job. As said above, it will prove to be a very valuable tool right from the beginning.

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