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08 Apr 09 Are Acer PC’s Worth Your Cash?

You want to buy a new computer right?  And who doesn’t, whether you need more hard drive space, a faster processor, or you just need to keep up with the latest in the high PC demands that the newest computer games require.  But with top of the line machines costing well into the thousands, it’s not exactly an affordable option to constantly upgrade your PC.  Unless of course you consider the brand Acer which seems to offer ridiculously good Notebook and Desktop PC’s for relatively low  prices.

Well I should say, at least they appear to be ridiculously good.  In actuality Acer is not a very favorable brand, and is not something you should necessarily count on, for a few key reasons.

Number one being that Acer computers have a habit of breaking down quickly.  While it’s been a household brand for computer equipment since 1976, Acer just hasn’t aged well within the computer industry.  And anybody who’s owned an Acer laptop recently can attest to the fact that you’ll find disappointing performance from the unit’s processor, and a tendency to break down easily.

Not to mention the fact that Acer have had two recent recalls over faulty technology in both their laptop and desktop PC’s.  About a year ago Acer had to recall laptops because of an issue with their batteries that caused the unit’s to overheat and start fires.  And now only a few months ago, Acer issued another recall on their Acer Predator desktop PC’s, for basically the same hardware malfunction, in which the unit’s overheated causing the inner components to melt and practically start on fire.

Meaning in my humble opinion, Acer PCs just cannot compete in today’s market, and the company has to do some serious reworking in their hardware before they can release anything reliable and worthy of your hard earned dollars.

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