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18 Feb 10 Americans Trust Their Cola Advertisers

Soft-drink advertisements are more trustworthy than either pharmaceutical advertising company or financial service company, as told by 34 percent of Americans adults (18 or above) during a study conducted by Harris Interactive. The second preferred group of advertisers was fast food companies, and on the third place were pharmaceutical company. The least trustworthy group of advertisers, as seen by American consumers, is financial services companies.

Only 13% of the US 18 and above adults think that financial services companies are any trustworthy with their ad campaigns. 40% of the US adults between 35 and 44 trust soft-drink advertisements, but only 10% among them trust advertising shown by financial services companies.

Can we read this cue as breaking of “financial security” myth shown by financial institutions?

We must remember that this is the age-group that has to pay for their kids’ education. For complete report, see the image below.

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