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26 Dec 10 Why should You Read Books?

Reading is blessing, a source of enlightenment and awakening of mind and senses. The person who has never read any book doesn’t know the benefit of reading; it’s not just a hobby or time pass activity but immensely beneficial and enriching, which builds a person’s depth of understanding, intellect, nurtures creativity and imagination power. If you haven’t read anything till date, start it right now. Don’t be too choosy about what to read and what not, rather read whatever you get. Start reading a book today, of any topic, fiction or non-fiction. If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons which say why you should read.

Reading stimulates thought process

Reading mainly stimulates an individual’s thought process, making one think harder while sharpening comprehension and memorizing skill. While reading we try to guess about the content of next pages and understand the situation better, at the same time recalling characters and storyline. Reading also strengthens an individual’s concentration level.

Builds vocabulary skill

Voracious reading exposes a reader to numerous new words, phrases. Such exposure definitely sharpens vocabulary skill and develops command over the language.

Expertise on a subject

If you want to master a subject, don’t forget to read it first. Reading will build your knowledge and who knows tomorrow you may have your own book. Suppose you want to gain optimum knowledge in Anthropology, start reading books of the same subject. Soon, in 5 years time you will be an international Anthropology expert. If you are a research aspirant, it will help you too.

Reading helps writing

You can pen down great things only when you are filled with great knowledge from within. We are like a pitcher, always thirsty for knowledge. Fill yourself with knowledge, read voraciously; then only you can write great things tomorrow.

Travel world through books

If it’s not possible for you to travel the whole world on your feet, book is the best choice. If past enchants you, different cultures and places haunt you; why not grab a book and see the world through pages? Even while seeing the world on foot, you may miss many things and won’t come to know historical detail, but reading won’t disappoint you. Quench your thirst through books.

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19 Dec 10 Tips for Cooking Aspirants

Are you a cooking aspirant individual who has no idea about culinary methods but wish to evolve as a good cook? Good cooking just requires immense interest and passion for cooking and thirst for learning new recipes, patience, and love for food. If you don’t know exactly where to start from, here are some helpful guidelines for you to start with and slowly gain mastery over culinary skills.

An elementary cooking book

If you are thinking of specializing in an area of culinary like – Chinese, Mexican, Japanese recipes; start from the beginning. Buy a cooking book of the same. Don’t buy too advanced book, it will confuse you and you will not be able to follow many instructions. Buy an elementary book, meant for the beginners. It will be detailed and will also help you to learn cooking easily. Do research about cooking books before buying them, you may also ask a chef. Slowly once you master an area, choose another area of specialization.

Get inspired from someone in person

Quite often it’s seen that cooking aspirants are inspired and motivated by renowned chefs. But such chefs are mostly out of your reach, try to find someone in your surrounding whom you are close to and have access to his or her personal life. You will learn more this way. Find someone whose culinary skill you just die for. Make sure you turn friends and visit him or her often and take some culinary tips and secret recipes. Seeing with own eyes will make you learn faster.

Follow cookery shows on television

Always reading may not help you, seeing live demo will help you to learn faster. Why not learn from the masters of cooking? Watch cookery shows coming on television. Follow them regularly, you will learn really fast. Follow their methodology blindly in the beginning; slowly you may customize the recipes.

Trial and error method

Self-help is the best help. Don’t worry about the outcome, cook whatever you wish to. Mix and match ingredients, put spices and ingredients which you think will go well together. It may excel or turn out to be a disaster. But this is how you will learn and also come up with own recipes. Make in small quantities whenever you are experimenting.

What are you waiting for? Step into kitchen and get going.

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