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01 Mar 11 Why You Should Not Read Blogs, if You Want to Succeed?

I am certain you didn’t wake up today thinking of confronting such titles on a day when things are falling just in place for you, first time in many years. I know this introductory line sucks, and this is precisely why I wanted to write this blog post.

Why you shouldn’t read blogs?

The correct headline should be: why you should not read too many blogs. And the answer is because reading too many blogs takes time which else could have been devoted to taking action. Reading too many blogs would paralyze you. There are so many blogs out there, each one of them presenting different point of view, calls to different part of your mind. How can you respond to all?

How many should you read?

As many as you can in maximum two hours of time. I know I have been very liberal in allotting time to blog reading and I should have only asked for one hour. But we need to go slow when persuading people to change habit, or else our effort will not bear desirable result.

In the beginning, you should read and understand fully as many blogs as you can in 1-2 hours every day. Not a single minute extra should be wasted on this activity. But over time, you should reduce this time spent on blogging to 45-30 minutes.

What should you do in spare time then?

You should read books, industry journal, watch documentary, do research, or talk to people. In short, you should engage yourself in activities that give you more benefit. It is more about ROI on time invested. Some good blogs, like this one, do give you higher ROI on your time, but surfing through low-quality blogs take away from the overall benefit you get from reading a blog post.

Reading blog can be advantageous, and it often is, but indulging too much into it will reduce your productivity. So be judicious in your time allocation.

So what is the bottom line?

The bottom line is this: you must read various blogs, but your reading should not be limited to blog reading only. You should read from other sources as well. The varied your sources will be, the richer your experience will be.

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26 Dec 10 Why should You Read Books?

Reading is blessing, a source of enlightenment and awakening of mind and senses. The person who has never read any book doesn’t know the benefit of reading; it’s not just a hobby or time pass activity but immensely beneficial and enriching, which builds a person’s depth of understanding, intellect, nurtures creativity and imagination power. If you haven’t read anything till date, start it right now. Don’t be too choosy about what to read and what not, rather read whatever you get. Start reading a book today, of any topic, fiction or non-fiction. If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons which say why you should read.

Reading stimulates thought process

Reading mainly stimulates an individual’s thought process, making one think harder while sharpening comprehension and memorizing skill. While reading we try to guess about the content of next pages and understand the situation better, at the same time recalling characters and storyline. Reading also strengthens an individual’s concentration level.

Builds vocabulary skill

Voracious reading exposes a reader to numerous new words, phrases. Such exposure definitely sharpens vocabulary skill and develops command over the language.

Expertise on a subject

If you want to master a subject, don’t forget to read it first. Reading will build your knowledge and who knows tomorrow you may have your own book. Suppose you want to gain optimum knowledge in Anthropology, start reading books of the same subject. Soon, in 5 years time you will be an international Anthropology expert. If you are a research aspirant, it will help you too.

Reading helps writing

You can pen down great things only when you are filled with great knowledge from within. We are like a pitcher, always thirsty for knowledge. Fill yourself with knowledge, read voraciously; then only you can write great things tomorrow.

Travel world through books

If it’s not possible for you to travel the whole world on your feet, book is the best choice. If past enchants you, different cultures and places haunt you; why not grab a book and see the world through pages? Even while seeing the world on foot, you may miss many things and won’t come to know historical detail, but reading won’t disappoint you. Quench your thirst through books.

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25 Apr 10 Website Copy Writing Tips – How to Improve

Let us start with putting things straight. The Internet is the ecosystem created by different kinds of websites, which in themselves are media vehicles, and content is the fuel on which the medium and its various types of vehicles run. The efficiency of the media in general and vehicles in particular depends upon the kind of fuel it usage. Therefore, one should pay much attention when writing copy for your website, and for that you need to know how to write better website copy. This article will help you learn that, just follow through the end.

Better Website Copy Writing Tips

  • Your copy should not be visually heavy. Make the copy easy to scan. You can do that by dividing copy using sub-headings, and bullet points.
  • Keep one eye on the target audience and another on the matter you want to convey. It is necessary to strike a balance between the two.
  • Always remember, in writing style is so important that at times style, in itself, becomes substance.
  • Add relevant “call to action” at important junctures in your web pages. This will help you increase conversion.
  • Do not talk about attributes, talk about benefits.
  • Build the story until it reaches to climax in the last line where you should add the ultimate call to action.
  • Do not make pages multi-focused.
  • Define model target audience of the website before writing copy for them.
  • Use short sentences and short and simple paragraphs.
  • Keep the content jargon free.
  • List the benefit.
  • Make the benefit as clear as possible.

Copy is what determines the future of the website. The more time you will invest in creating the copy, better will be the future of your website.

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