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09 Dec 09 Improve Your Website’s Google Ranking

Getting more traffic to your website means improving your site’s Google ranking.  If you don’t rank well with Google, chances are your site is going to be buried behind thousands of others that have higher rankings.  The only way to get your ranking higher, is to play by the rules, and satisfy all of Google’s requirements to the best of your ability.  Here are a few ways you can do just that.

One of the key factors in how Google ranks a website, is how many other websites link back to your site.  That means networking.  Networking is an long established tool to build website traffic.  The more websites you find that are similar to yours, that are willing to exchange links, the higher your traffic is going to become.  Google ranks how well you are networked, and rewards those who network effectively.

The IP addresses of websites linking back to yours also has an effect on Google’s ranking system.  The more different IP’s that link to you, the better.  Multiple links from the same IP aren’t really factored in, as they could be considered duplicates, or falsified links.

Keyword density is also of high importance.  You want to use as many keywords as possible, without letting the quality of your content suffer.  The more keywords you have that relate to common searches, the higher Google is going to rank you.  As long as your content applies to what searchers type when searching, the more Google is going to be partial to ranking your site highly.

Make sure that you properly format your page titles to incorporate keywords.  Google puts a huge importance on what sort of keywords are in your title.  So make sure you use the important keywords that are specific to the topics you are touching upon.  Don’t be too generalized, and use specific terms that relate to your website, and what readers would be searching for.

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