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09 Jan 11 How to Promote Men’s Salon?

Men’s salon – it may sound very appealing, but how many men actually go to salons for beauty treatments besides mere hair cut and shaving? Very few style conscious men make an effort to groom their looks and step into a salon frequently. Are you thinking of how to promote your salon more aggressively and lure men? Here are few simple tips for you.

Trial offer

Unless people try, not many people will come to know about you or take you seriously. So get seen, heard, and felt. Trying may result into conviction and final brand acceptance. Run free trial offers. You may offer a simple facial, pedicure, head massage, or basic hair spa treatment for free to the people. Take a temporary canopy or small shop in a mall, airport’s waiting lounge, fitness club, social clubs, office cafeteria where you run free trial service for a day. Free of cost offers always lure people. If satisfied they will definitely show interest, enquire about your salon and get back to you.

Discount vouchers

Distribute discount vouchers where your target audience is located or frequently goes to. You may have a tie up with corporate offices, providing 25% discount to its employees. This way, soon your salon will be popular and talked about. You can also have tie ups with fitness centers, bars and lounges, sports clubs entitling its members and visitors discount. You may also distribute discount vouchers nearby shopping malls, coffee shops, book stores, movie theatres.

Celebrity lure

You may run contests like bringing people to the limelight and making popular overnight. You may run ‘best hair’, ‘best stylish beard’, ‘best face’ and many other contests. Publicize these contests, so that more and more people come to your salon, get things done, and aspire to win. Promise the winner of titles to be promoted as the brand endorser for next few months. It will make them popular overnight. Everyone loves to feel like a star, they can’t afford to miss it.


Co-promote your offerings, the popular service with the slow selling one. Suppose, most of your customers come for haircuts and hardly anyone gets hair massage done, offer a very attractive joint offer, like haircut + hair massage = $40, whereas hair cut alone bears the cost of $30. Make sure you aggressively promote such offers inside and outside the salon. This way you will not only hike sales, but also sell the lowest selling service.

Try these tips today.

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