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29 Sep 09 Get Started Trading Stocks

Getting started in the stock market is something that you should be careful about.  It’s like getting into a cold pool to go swimming.  Your first instinct is to not shock your body by jumping in all at once, but instead go in slowly to get your body to adjust to the temperature of the water.  This is exactly the strategy you should apply if you’re thinking of trying out the stock market.  You can easily find yourself drowning in your own stocks if you don’t know what you’re doing, so here’s a guide to setting yourself up by starting slowly.

-First, look to trade in penny stocks only, in the beginning.  A penny stock is a stock that’s priced $5 or under per share.  So a penny stock is good for any beginner, as the amount required to invest is very low, so this will be a very low risk investment.  Until you know what you’re doing, you should definitely try to keep things low risk.

-Find yourself a good stock trading website, or software for your computer.  Read up and do your research and choose one that you feel you can trust.  Here is where you’ll look to find a few penny stocks to start investing.

-Use your stock trading software to find penny stocks, from there do your research into the stocks that interest you.  It’s good to know who you’re investing with, as the stock market shouldn’t just be a guessing game for you.  Find stocks that you actually believe in enough to deserve your investment.  Pick ones that you believe will grow, and give you a decent return on that invested money.

-Try to join a group or forum that regularly discusses which stocks they feel are set to succeed. Learn from them as you make your own personal decisions.  Any advice you can get, or research you can do is invaluable when you are just starting in the market.

-Finally, watch your stocks carefully.  Pay attention to what’s doing with your money at all times, it’s just good policy, no matter how much money you have invested.  As you feel more comfortable, and develop a sense for the market you can try investing more money, beyond penny stocks.  Just be careful and make sure not to over invest.  Nothing is guaranteed in the stock market, and participate responsibly and carefully, always.

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