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03 Apr 09 Is 3DTV Going To Replace Your High Def?

Now that HDTV has officially taken over, to the point that practically any income can find an affordable screen to meet their needs, I guess the industry is trying to push the next big thing.  Likely only to try and get you to buy something overpriced and impractical, like most new technology.  And now Samsung is no different, as the company plans to launch the first HDTV that’s also fully 3D.  By projecting two images, one from the left of the screen and another from the right, and with the use of special 3D goggles, Samsung’s new plasma offers a practically three dimensional experience.  Or at least it’s supposed to feel like one.

The only problem is initial reports have it that the ‘3D’ experience falls far short of anything that could possibly replicate true three dimensional filmmaking.

By now we’ve all seen at least one movie in the theater that features 3D, and usually it’s pretty cool, and most of the time you feel as though the images on the screen actually are three dimensional.  But the problem with Samsung’s plasma screen, is that they are using content that wasn’t meant to be seen 3D, opposed to a film that’s specifically shot for such a purpose.  Therefore most people describe the experience as being unintentionally nauseating.  And considering how long the world took to embrace HD, I don’t think jumping into the 3D realm right away is a good idea.

But then the 3D revolution is always being talked about with television and films, where every few years the reports start about new jumps in 3D technology that will make 3D TV in your home the standard, but I fail to see a time when that’s actually going to work the way companies like Samsung hype.

Maybe when the day comes where your television will actually project a 3D hologram?  Opposed to having to put on special 3D glasses just to watch TV.

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