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13 Sep 09 5 Ways to Improve Your Writing

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Writing is an art, and like every other art you need to practice hard to improve it. What would you do if you want to be a piano player? You will take piano lessons and then will practice as much as you can until you perfect the art. The same holds true for writing, but writing has an upside. Unlike piano, we do not need to take special classes for writing – unless you are a non-native who never got taught English in your school and college – all we need to do is practice this art as much as you can. I am sharing here 5 valuable tips that will help you become a better writer.

Become a Blogger

Blogging is to writing novel what net practice is for a FIFA World Cup. In both the cases, you practice, practice and practice to fine tune your skills, and you do it daily.

Use self-imposed word limit

Do not become verbose. Gone are the days when people had ample time to spend idly, and hence they loved long, very long fictions. Now the time has changed, and even if it had not, a well-written work is never verbose. Put a strict word limit and follow it.

Let the criticism help you grow

Critics are your worst enemy, and like any enemy a critic will find the weakest spot in your defense, in this case writing, and will attack you there. What to do to stop them from attacking you? Remove the weakest spot, and for that you have to listen to critics to know your weaknesses.

Read, re-read, and re-read your works and fix the problems that you find.

You are not required to read all your works, if you write profusely. Just pick a piece or two every week and do as instructed.

Your friend and relative is your best reader

No one outside your close circle will like to read your work until you are Sir Salman Rushdie- I suspect, no one even in your close circle will like to read until they are forced to- hence they will need a little pushing before they agree to read what you write. Ask for their honest feedback as it will make you a better writer.

In the next blog post, I will show you 5 more ways to improve your writing.

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