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08 Aug 11 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Social Media Marketing for a Brand

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These days everybody is on social networking sites, especially Facebook and Twitter. And so are the brands. Every brand wants fans, followers and millions of online prospects. So these days, brands rope in digital marketers to popularize the brand further on internet, and make the most of social networking benefits. But at times marketers themselves try hand on the same and commit few common mistakes, as discussed below.

Too many pages for a single brand

At times marketers wish to draw more and more followers and create multiple pages, to reflect omnipresence. Imagine Mc. Donald’s having 10 Facebook pages, how many of them will you follow? One or two at the most and that too if it is localized, suppose it says Mc. Donald’s (Japan) or something like that. But soon you may start getting too many updates from both and eventually stop following one of them. Thus to stay on the safer side, create only one page for your brand, people are not on social networking sites solely for you. You will have more number of followers in such case.

Too often updates

At times being a beginner and too excited about the whole thing of social networking brands end up doing too frequent status updates, like changing status message every couple of hours. Don’t forget such things are always annoying for the followers who find their home page cluttered with your messages, and if they end up liking or commenting for any of them, then they may get endless number of notifications from the same. Do not do this. No one wants a cluttered page and full of brand messages. Remember, that person added you since likes you, not to get annoyed with you. So instead of torturing with brand messages, keep updates not more than twice in a day.

Do not talk just for the sake of talking

It is often seen marketers fail to think what to talk on a particular day and eventually end up talking senseless things and write updates just for the sake of writing like ‘Hello, Good morning. How are you all’. How many people will be interested in such a message coming from a brand? A handful may be, since they may have nothing else to do in life. So instead of writing rubbish things, write something which adds value, draws interest and attracts the followers. You may write a status message talking about special discount or latest achievement or the new advertisement you are coming up with or the new outlet you are about to open. You can also conduct polls and contests. Ask for suggestion on some products which always draw lot of attention. If there is a good incentive people are all the more interested in such activities.

These are some major mistakes brands often commit. Stay away from these.

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