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05 Jan 09 How to clean your Laptop or PC

Written by: Janeita

While there is much talk about programs to protect your computer from hackers and viruses, we forget the external element of the computer, the hardware.When was the last time you took the time out to clean your computer? If you have to dig in the drawers of your memory then it is obvious is is time for some computer cleaning.

The hardware is the first component of the computer that we come in contact with and care should be taken to keep it clean. This not only increase ones productivity it also is a healthy approach.Imagine touching a mouse that has layers of grease from centuries and centuries of sticky finger contacts, or a keyboard that has tons of overnight snacks embedded between it´s keys, this obviously is a cause for alarm.

The steps to clean ones hardware does not not involve any special product than the simple traditional methods of a soft brush,a little water and maybe a piece of cloth .It is important that a day is set aside to do this so as to avoid disturbance during the process. There also has to be an established order in mind to know which parts you intend to clean first.

After unplugging all components and and an order has been mentally established to clean the different components, all that is left now is patience.The keyboard which is basically the ‘hands’ of the whole system can suffer alterations if dust and crumbs are not taken from it quickly.To remove dirt from the keyboard one can use a professional keyboard cleaner that has been adapted justly for this purpose. Turning the Keyboard over on a piece of paper and gently shaking it to remove all accumulated dust ,one then passes a soft brush to remove any excess dirt on the outside of the Keyboard.The same applies for Laptops.

The monitor and the CPU can both be cleaned using a non-abrasive cloth to remove any excess of dirt. Areas like the USB ports generally have accumulated dust and once again the use of a small soft brush is handy. For those you wish to use a professional Laptop screen cleaner , this is highly optional, but one will achieve the same results with simple conventional methods.The aim of all of this is that you clean and not destroy while cleaning.

The mouse is another gadget that allows us to enjoy an efficient user interface with our system and with the realms beyond(Internet).Excess dust and grime will compromise it´s function and you will notice this based on the time response it gives when you move it. Care should be taken in opening it and a soft bush should be used so as to not damage it.

There is no need to open the casing of the CPU nor the Laptop. All that requires cleaning resides on the external part of the casing. If you are not a professional, opening may void all warranty rights and you may unintentionally damage some internal part.The use of cotton to clean is a good option but I prefer a brush.

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