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09 Jun 10 How to Make Irish Coffee Whipped with Cream?

The idea of having a whipped cream Irish coffee itself brings water in mouth. A perfect blend of coffee and whiskey creates the magic of hot and cold, cream and sweetness with the sudden surge of whiskey and melting sweetness of brown sugar. Whipped cream on the top surely tantalizes the taste buds. In a chilly winter night it’s a sure treat for all.

Irish coffee with whipped cream in 6 steps

  1. You will need coffee, cream, sugar, and whiskey to prepare the most thrilling Irish coffee ever.
  2. Put water into coffee maker’s water reservoir. Measure 6 ounces of water per person. Put two tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounce water. Use strong, dark coffee. Only dark coffees do well for Irish coffee. The aroma turns quite enticing. Now brew the coffee.
  3. Pour the coffee into mugs. Make sure the mugs are slightly pre-heated or washed with warm water to avoid the cracks. Fill only 2/3rd of the mug with hot coffee. Make sure the coffee remains hot.
  4. Now add one ounce shot of whiskey and one table spoon of brown sugar in each mug. If you want a really sweetened coffee treat yourself with two tablespoons of brown sugar. Similarly if you want extra kick of whiskey add two ounces of whiskey instead of one. Then stir till sugar dissolves. It will allow the cream to float. Thicken the cream by gently whisking in a bowl.
  5. Carefully pour the thick whipped cream over the back of the spoon and into the coffee. Make sure the cream sits heavy over 3/4th part on the top. Let it float.
  6. Sip the rich Irish coffee through the cream. Sit back and enjoy the piping hot Irish coffee whipped with cream.

Surprise your friends with your exotic Irish coffee serve.

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