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03 Sep 09 Stand Out At A Meeting

Meetings are a fantastic opportunity to make yourself shine at your job.  They serve as your chance to show your ability in front of people that might otherwise be unaware of your potential.  Usually it’s only your direct boss that gets a real feel for what you can achieve.  But at a meeting, most times you have a chance to make yourself known to the people higher up on the ladder.  So clearly, thinking of a meeting that way, each one is a vital chance to make a name for yourself at your company.  Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

1. Research, research, research.  Make sure you know the in’s and out’s of every single detail of the meeting.  Make yourself an expert, so that if you have visual aides during a presentation, you know all of them without having to look.  Or if there are packets of statistics to be used during discussion, make sure you know the important stuff like the back of your hand.  Knowledge is key to presenting yourself as a valuable, informed employee.

2. Participate in the meeting by offering useful information or helpful suggestions.  Don’t try to take control of the meeting, as the idea is to get yourself noticed in a good way.  Coming off as a control freak is not your aim at all.  So just offer positive insight whenever the situation presents itself.  But don’t try to force yourself into every open dialogue.

3. Show up a few minutes early to the meeting.  This shows preparedness every time.  Nothing makes you look worse to the big wigs than showing up to a meeting involving them late.

4. Follow up on anything that you promised during the meeting immediately.  If you said you’d deliver a report after the meeting, make sure that it’s the first thing you do afterward.  Nothing makes you look worse than when you promise something and don’t come through.  Always keep your promises, especially when they were made in front of a room full of people.

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