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04 Aug 11 4 Essential Tips for Celebrity Promotion on Internet

Are you in the business of celebrity promotion? Have you been contacting newspaper and television channels all your life? Have you been clinging to traditional medium solely and making no much difference? It’s the time to make use of digital medium – Internet and make the most of it. If you are yet to find the strength of this medium and utilize it judiciously for promoting your celebrity client, here are some useful tips for you.

A Website

First and foremost important thing that you should do is making a website for your celebrity client. Make an attractive, self explanatory and nicely made website for your celebrity. Apart from information about the celebrity concerned make sure there’s also photo and video gallery. Include his or her achievements in life, awards won and major milestones crossed in the website. People are not only interested in a celebrity’s public life, but also look forward to a slice of personal life. Make the website as pleasing to the visual senses as possible.

Start blogging

Blogging is an instant way to stay connected to the fans and remain popular on web, even in search engine rankings. To keep fans updated about what’s happening in a celebrity’s life a blog post comes really handy. Ask your celebrity client to write a short blog post regularly. If he or she keeps too busy, personal secretary or you as a celebrity manager may do the same on his or her behalf. Make sure you are briefed nicely in such case. Fans will come back to the blog regularly to stay updated about the latest happenings.

Social networking

These days there’s no other tool like social networking sites – twitter, Facebook, MySpace; taking a toll over human lives. People are glued to them and so are the celebrities. The celebrity should frequently update status message, at least 3-4 times a day. It will keep fans and followers happy and interested. As a celebrity manager you may do the job on celebrity’s behalf. Make sure you also upload pictures and short videos of the celebrity, some formal occasions and may be some casual and personal ones. People will earnestly wait for the next picture to come up. You may also create the celebrity’s official fan page on the social networking sites. Ask people questions related to the celebrity.

Online chat session for an hour

People love the celebrities and treat them as idols. But fans and followers also want to come close to the celebrity at times, know more about them and talk directly. Arrange direct online chat session for an hour or so with the celebrity on social networking sites. Advertise the event at least a week before and follow up every alternate days. It will keep the fans awaited for the chat session, eagerly waiting forward to it. Allows the followers to ask direct questions to the celebrity, who may even put on the webcam to make the fans feel great and rewarded.

Power of web is beyond imagination and can actually draw the celebrity more spotlight.

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23 May 11 Tips for Making a Good Video Tutorial

Making a video tutorial and posting them on various video archive websites and social media networks is quite common these days. However, very few can create exceptionally good video tutorials meeting actual purpose of learning. Few basic tips can help you procure great video tutorials. Here are some simple tips for you.

High quality picture

What is very important for a video tutorial is its picture quality. Make sure picture resolution is high, with maximum clarity. Good finishing at the editing table is important too.

Subtitles, thought bubbles, supers

A video tutorial is never complete unless it has texts in forms of subtitles, texts in between scenes, thoughts bubbles, supers (text on screen) supporting the audio-visual input. People may think even a voice over (VO) can do the job, but it’s more effective and memorable when people read the same on screen. These supporting texts can do wonders.

Add some value to it

Don’t make just another video tutorial of no much substance in it. Make a video tutorial if you have enough knowledge of the subject, know it in-depth and have done enough research on the same before making the video tutorial. If you do not add something new to your video, no one will be interested in it.

Script has to be strong

No video tutorial comes out well, unless it has been developed on rock solid script. Don’t start a video tutorial without any script in front of you. It is the first step towards video making. Just special effects can’t do a magic to your video tutorial with no strong script in it.

Checklist at the end

Don’t forget a video tutorial remains incomplete unless it has a checklist at the end, summarizing the content communicated in the video. Checklist helps the audience to complie the entire content, to recall and memorize the main points and feel enriched.

Don’t make it dramatic

Always remember video tutorials are not films, or daily soaps. They don’t need acting skill or screen presence. Don’t develop a dramatic script, with twisted dialogues and pretentious moves. Keep it simple, straight on face, clear and substantial. At the same time, it shouldn’t be boring. Maintain the pace, neither fast nor too slow. Keep it conversational, interesting. Remember, it’s not entertainment, it’s information transmitted through interesting video with aids like live examples, demonstrations. Don’t forget its objective behind.

So what are you waiting for? Start with your video tutorial. Just follow these simple tips while making your video tutorial.

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26 Dec 10 Tips for a Simplified and Happier Life

When life has taken a toll on our lives with its hectic schedule, harsh and merciless stressful days and long hours spent at work how some of us still manage to lead a happier and peaceful life? Have you ever wondered or have you pacified yourself saying, it’s just they are lucky? Well, no one is lucky, they have just given an effort to simplify and beautify their lives. Knowing few simple tips can make life indeed happy and simplified. These tips are as given below –

Find your personal goal

If you know what you want to do in life, what’s your purpose of living; life will not only be easier for you, but also meaningful and worth. Most of us live life without any goal and thus life turns out to be frustrating. Talk to yourself, find out your dreams and aspirations and what you want to do in this life. Then work towards achieving your goal. Set small goals before reaching the final one. With sheer dedication and passion work towards the goal, it will also boost your confidence and self esteem.

Prioritize your wants

Many times we want everything and get nothing, it’s because we fail to prioritize our wants and ignore what we actually value. Know yourself, know what is your priority – money or success, family or spirituality? It will help you to set your personal goals and categorize your priorities in order.

Know your passion

Know what you are passionate about, what makes you happy and what you never deny to do. Try to make your passion your profession; then work will never seem to be a load and stress. If you love your job, life will be easier and happier.

Meditate everyday

Sit alone quietly and meditate every day, it will help you to talk to your inner self. Don’t think about anything while meditating, you can chant too. Listen to your inner voice.

Know what you are good at

Knowing your strengths will help you to enhance them and utilize. Honor your strengths and enhance them.

Help others

Serve the society, it will not only help you to evolve as a better human but also soothe you from within. Help others as per your own capacity. In this way you will be more humble, honest, helpful and loved by all. Tomorrow others may help you back.

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