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04 Sep 09 Successfully Restart Your Career

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Restarting or rejuvenating your career can be a daunting task, and terrifying thought.  To leave your current comforts for the unknown can be a scary thing.  In fact when most people feel they’ve hit a wall in their career, the sort that makes you feel as though you’ve no option but to try again, most of the time you don’t really know where to start.  But don’t be afraid, because sometimes you have to take a few steps backwards so that you can really choose the right path forward.  Nothing in life worth doing is easy, and making the best of your career is no different.

First off, education is your friend, so in reinvigorating any career, participating in new educational opportunities is a must.  Go back to school part time, get an associates degree in some aspect of your field, or go further, go for a masters degree.  Anything that helps you understand the field better, and that also helps you show others you’re well qualified for today’s job market.

Volunteer to help network yourself, as well as learn vital new skills.  Opportunities like internships at major companies are always available, and go a very long way in helping you get vital career skills as well as get your name out there.  The connections you make with other people while volunteering together could prove invaluable down the line.  So always look to make new social connections, and look for new opportunities to learn new skills.

Finally, make the most of a new job opportunity once you receive one.  Work hard, and show that those educational experiences paid off in full.  Show the boss that you’ve become a very important component of the team that they can’t do without.  Nothing says that like excelling at your job, and earning the recognition that you really deserve.

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    And the most important – don’t forget to rest and collect some emotional and physical strength to pick up the new career opportunity. Get updated – read professional stuff, attend seminars and webinars. Put some efforts in personal branding – update your LinkedIn profile, take part in discussion. Good luck!

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