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27 Mar 10 What Interviewer Wants to Know in an Interview?

If only you knew this…

This is what every jobseeker feels, and you believe it or not, you already know the answer. You know what an interviewer wants to know about you. You just seem to overlook them under the pressure of backbreaking labor that you put in to straighten everything up, so that you get selected for the job. You would not have worried too much for the job, if you knew that your interviewer wants to know only three things from you. But, what are those 3 things that an interviewer wants to know? Read this article through the end to find the answer to this question.

3 things an interviewer wants to know

Can you do this job?

This is the first concern of an interviewer. He asks you so many questions related to your education, experience, and past companies only to know if you can do the job he is offering or now. He is least interested in what all you did with your life, so do not tell him all. Just talk about things that will add value to his company should you are hired. This also shows how focused are you.

Will you be a pain in you know where?

Will you go along with the team easily or not is another thing that your interviewer wants to know. No one wants to hire anyone who cannot work in a team, or who cannot learn to adapt to situations that are not of their choosing. That is why questions related to curricular activities, volunteer organization, and roles played and responsibilities taken in previous companies are asked.

Are you asking for too much?

No one wants to pay an employee more than what he or she is worth. Charging a little extra is ok, but asking for way more than what one deserves raises the red flag. You need to be careful when telling him your expected salary. And when you quote your salary, do not forget to add what all you will do for the company, and how do you think hiring you on that salary will be a good deal for the company. Tell the interviewer you are worth every penny you are asking for, as you can earn 10 folds return of the salary you are getting from the company.

These are the only things your interviewer is interested in knowing. All the questions asked during an interview are done with a hidden motive of finding these things.

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