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23 Jan 10 How to Use the Internet to Excel in Your Weekly Assignment?

Many college as well as school kids are using the Internet to play games, talk to their friends, and watch and post cool cat (funny) video, but a lot many of them struggle when it comes to using the Internet to do their homework. That is why I am creating this help-file to assist them in conducting research on the Internet.

Wikipedia is not the destination but it can be a great source

This is my first tip. Wikipedia can be a great source to collect information for a project of lesser importance, but when it comes to find credible information to support the hypothesis then Wikipedia is not the place you should head to. Wikipedia in this case can be a good source of information but not the source of authority.

Look beyond Google

Well, it may sound absurd, but there is a world beyond Google on the web. Google will get you some information, but you will not be successful in getting reliable information for the keywords you search. Wolfram|Alpha is one good source to get objective data on any topic. It claims to bring expert level information on the subject. You can try Bing as well.

YouTube is not the end

If you could not find a suitable video to include in your class presentation, or a video presentation to support your work then you can try Viddler and Vimeo as well. Try Truveo Video Search to look for the topic you are searching.

You should also read professors’ blogs, various academic research websites, research papers, universities and colleges websites, and also should ask people in relevant forums. Blogs can also be used to form idea about the topic you are exploring. You should not limit yourself to using these sources to search for the information you are seeking. You need to be creative in your search. I will suggest learning nuances of advance search on Google, at least.

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