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04 Sep 09 5 Free Photoshop Replacement

Adobe Photoshop seems invincible and irreplaceable, and I will not say that this isn’t true.  Adobe Photoshop is very powerful, but not all us needs all its power to do our work, and if we can do the same thing with the open source or free image editing software then why to give an arm and a leg (as price) to do the same thing in Adobe Photoshop? In this article, I will share 5 image editing software that will replace Photoshop.


If you are not new to image editing then you must have heard about GIMP somewhere, haven’t you? This is all-powerful alternative to Adobe Photoshop. If you can handle the single document interface (different tools appears as separate document) of this open source image editing software then GIMP will let you do everything that you can do with Photoshop.

GIMP is an acronym that stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It has all the features like masking, filters, effects, plug-in support, etc. Due to its open-source nature, this software is updated quite frequently and all the updates can be downloaded for free.


GIMPshop is on number two in this list simply because it is GIMP with a Photoshop touch. By this, I mean, this software combines all the windows of GIMP into one window. GIMPshop has all the capabilities of GIMP and to suit the taste and preferences of Windows user, a Photoshop-like MDI (multiple document Interfaces), which is native to Windows environment, has also been included in it. To achieve this, a plug-in called “Deweirdifier,” which if added to GIMP can give a limited MDI like Photoshop, has been built in GIMPshop.


PhotoFiltre comes at number three because of its simplicity. It is very simple to use and can be seen as a stripped-down version of powerful professional image editing software. If you are not a professional photographer then this tool is right for you. It will let you do everything that you need doing.


If you are sucker for features, features and more features then Photoscape is the application you were always looking for. It is fully loaded photo editing, and photo viewing software. It has photo viewer, photo editor, animated GIF maker, slideshow maker, photo splitter, screen capturing functionality, photos stitching functionality, file renaming functionality, etc. It can even covert RAW files into image format of your choice. This is all-in-one photo suit.

“Impressive” is what PC World has to say about, and Jeff Atwood of Coding horror claims that this software raises the quality bar. This powerful image editing and photo manipulation tool is exclusively available for Windows users.  All started with an intention to replace Microsoft paint, turned out to be a simple yet powerful image editing software. The project, when started, was mentored by Microsoft, and it is currently maintained by alumni who originally worked on it. The software offers you the power to do unlimited undo. It also supports layers, and comes loaded with special effect.

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25 Aug 09 Any Taker for HTML5?

January 2008 is history now, and so is HTML5. Confused? HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). If it is the latest version then why am I calling it history?  You have a point, and let’s check the validity of the claim.

The version of HTML we are currently using is 4.01 (the fourth version) that allow us to use tags, embed images and videos by using other scripts or plug-ins, and use other languages within HTML tags. HTML5 is going to improve this, and it is also going to add native support for video and audio files (

The first working draft on HTML5 specification was released in January 2008, and the latest draft with HTML5 specification has been published today, August 25, 2009 (you can read this specification draft by clicking on the link). Now, before we talk any further, let’s take a look at what major changes HTML5 does bring about.

List of some major changes in HTML version 5:

  • Keeping in mind, the latest trend in web development, HTML5 has included some new tags like
  • has replaced the complex DOCTYPE used by HTML up to current version.
  • Elements like , , and have also been removed from HTML5.</li> <li>Less used elements like <acronym>, <applet>, <isindex>, and <dir> have also been removed.</li> </ul> <p style="text-align: justify">Click on the following link to know how <strong>HTML5 is different from HTML4.</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify">The web development we know is going to change with HTML5, and it will happen as soon as major browsers develop support for it. If you are a developer then I will strongly recommend updating yourself with new HTML5 tags. If you start now, you will have the first mover’s advantage. You can test your test pages on either Firefox 3.1 +, or Safari 3.1+.</p> <p>Tags: <a href="/tag/acronym/" rel="tag">Acronym</a>, <a href="/tag/click-on-the-following-link/" rel="tag">Click On The Following Link</a>, <a href="/tag/code-elements/" rel="tag">Code Elements</a>, <a href="/tag/complete-list/" rel="tag">Complete List</a>, <a href="/tag/current-version/" rel="tag">Current Version</a>, <a href="/tag/dialog/" rel="tag">Dialog</a>, <a href="/tag/doctype/" rel="tag">Doctype</a>, <a href="/tag/first-mover/" rel="tag">First Mover</a>, <a href="/tag/footer/" rel="tag">Footer</a>, <a href="/tag/html-hypertext/" rel="tag">Html Hypertext</a>, <a href="/tag/html-tags/" rel="tag">Html Tags</a>, <a href="/tag/lt/" rel="tag">Lt</a>, <a href="/tag/markup-language/" rel="tag">Markup Language</a>, <a href="/tag/nav/" rel="tag">Nav</a>, <a href="/tag/noframes/" rel="tag">Noframes</a>, <a href="/tag/plug-ins/" rel="tag">Plug Ins</a>, <a href="/tag/specification-draft/" rel="tag">Specification 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