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18 Apr 09 Can Spybot Compete With Pay Antivirus Services?

So how useful is Spybot Search & Destroy really?  If you have the free program installed on your computer, you’ll at least notice that every time you run a scan Spybot seems to find more “spyware” and “adware” than using most other programs, but how much good is Spybot actually doing?  The answer, as most people will tell you, is not as much as you would hope.

Spybot doesn’t really do much to help you if your computer has major issues, as the program just isn’t designed to clean up the really big stuff.  Where Spybot’s central usefulness lies is in deleting the little spyware and adware stuff.  Such as internet cookies that count as spyware or adware that can load up your computer causing slower than normal performance.  Of which Spybot is very effective, cleaning up all manner of small issues that you never necessarily considered to be big problems for your computer, but you’ll still see some sort of a difference by getting rid of the small stuff.

Other free programs like AVG’s free version, or AdAware which is also free, are much more capable when removing the big stuff like trojans or worms.  In fact AdAware is probably the best resource you’ll find for free to clean up any issues you may be having with your PC when it comes to viruses and affected performance.

Which actually brings me to another point, and mistake that many people make, you don’t need to spend money on the big virus protection software brands like Norton Antivirus, or McAfee.  Most people never suffer a major issue using just Spybot, AdAware and AVG.  While it’s sort of an annoyance to have three different virus programs to juggle, your PC in the end will actually be safer, and you’ll have a few dollars more left over in your wallet.

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