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22 Jan 10 Why Traditional Advertising Still Not Dead?

One line answer to this question would be: because it works dammit! Its effectiveness as a sales agent might be questionable, but among other things, it is a great way of building brand awareness. Advertising works may be not in the way a marketer desired, but it works.

What does advertising do?

  1. Advertising builds awareness about the product being advertised.
  2. It creates recognition for the brand.
  3. Reduce the fear of unfamiliarity, and testimonial advertising also works as social proof.
  4. It creates, nurture, and build emotional connection between the product and consumer.
  5. It provides reason for purchasing a product.
  6. It induces trial.
  7. It creates top-of-mind awareness for the brand being advertised.
  8. A beautifully done ad entertains public and create favorable environment that a marketer to seed the brand message.

What advertising cannot do?

  1. It cannot sell a product.
  2. It cannot create a loyal customer.
  3. It cannot manage a damaged reputation.
  4. It cannot build credibility.

It is the latter group of things that have made the advertising so infamous. Well, it is comment time now. What do you think, have advertising worked for your business?

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