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26 Oct 10 How to keep Creative Ideas Flowing?

Who doesn’t want to be creative? But only a handful of us are creative. On contrary to this ratio, we all are creative within; creativity is there in all of us. But most of us don’t realize it, don’t cultivate it further. But, creativity is required everywhere – from education to business, from physics to psychology. Without creativity, life comes to a halt. Creativity gives vent to ones’ imagination, thinking, ideation power, and understanding of the surrounding. It’s the passion to create something new, which is the driving force behind all innovations in this world.

But how to keep the creative juice flowing? Here are tips below regarding where to get creative ideas from.

Choose an area of interest

Choose an area of work, which interests you. Don’t do what everyone is doing and is counted as trendy, or what brings money. Follow your heart and aptitude. You should do things which interest you, what you are passionate about. Then work will never seem like burden, it will be enjoyable. Within your passionate field further choose an area which you are good at. Like some artists are best in oil painting. So they excel if they go to the same field.

Draw inspiration from a source

You should be inspired by someone, to get going. It could be anyone – a mentor whose work inspire you or a famous person, a renowned global personality whose creations and success have always driven you crazy. Don’t imitate them blindly, get inspired by them.

Challenge yourself, do something new

Don’t end up doing what the rests have been doing. Challenge yourself constantly. Even if it seems impossible and full of hurdles in reality, if you think your idea is good and you can do it, go for it. It may take time and patience, but all great things come after long wait. Don’t be nailed down by failures. Failures will take you to success. If breaking rules help in procuring something good, let it happen.

Write down your ideas

Whenever something unique comes to your mind, pen it down and keep safely. It will keep you involved, focused, motivated and will help you to measure your progress.

Consult outer sources

Stay humble and open to new ideas. Don’t think you know it all. Tomorrow while talking to someone you come up with a better idea than before. So keep learning from others, books, films, articles – whatever is relevant for you. Even in an informal chat over coffee, great ideas may spring up.

Stay creative!

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