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05 Dec 09 Necessities For A Freelance Writer Resume

If you’re a freelance writer, you’re going to end up rewriting your resume an awful lot.  That means having a good amount of knowledge as to what a freelance writing employer will be looking for.  Writing a freelance resume is different from a standard resume, because employers are looking for different cues.  Here’s a quick guide of what you need to make the most out of your freelance writer resume, so you can be an instant competitor for the top jobs.

Always have a complete list of every client and contribution you’ve made in your career.  These come in handy so that you can have a comprehensive guide to tailor a resume to any given position.  If it’s a job writing about entertainment, you want to have your entertainment examples handy, and so on and so forth.  Always have a complete list for your reference, but limit what you put on the resume to the best examples of your work, as they relate to that job.

Practically everyone is going to ask for a brief summary of your writing experience, and usually about yourself personally.  This serves as a guide to your experience, as well as the sort of writer you are.  Usually you’ll end up writing a few paragraphs to satisfy both, and these will serve to give them a taste of your writing style.  So make sure they are concise, easily read, and reflective of the style in which you write.

Try to make the information about you as interesting as possible.  Think of an interesting professional story that you can tell, that defines your character and ability.  Then tell the story in a riveting way.  Something that keeps your target engaged in what you written.  You want them to be dying to talk to you more about the job, and certain that you’ll be a great fit.

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