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25 Jun 09 How to Write Crowd-Pulling Headlines Part -II

In the last article, we discussed some of the headline strategies to use to retain the interest of the visitors in the blogpost or article you have posted in your blog. Continuing from where we have left, in this article, we will talk about some more crowd-pulling headlines writing strategies. As said, headlines are the magnet that pulls the visitors, and the quality of the headline (strength of the magnet) will determine the amount of time the visitors spent at our websites.

How to guides

How many times have you searched the Internet to find information on tweaking or fixing errors your operating system or software, or fixing your broken car speaker, or to know about buying insurance, etc.? Each time you search for some information to help you do something or decide something; you are searching for How to Guides. Why not help your visitors by writing such helps in a proper “how to…” style?


  1. How to Find a Right Cell Phone.
  2. How to Clean your Carpet.
  3. How to Fix your Drycleaner.

Best of/Top 10

Best of something or top ten something is a big attention drawer. Using this type of headlines will pull more visitors to your site then you ever expected. More often than not, the article or blogpost falling under such headlines are written in a list format.


  1. Top Ten Benefits of Yoga.
  2. Best Antivirus of 2009.
  3. Top Ten Videos of 2009.

Tell the benefits through outright headlines

Sometimes, being direct helps a lot in retaining visitors’ attention. Tell the visitors directly about the benefits he you are going to talk about in the following article. Outright or direct headline can also be used to make a bold statement.


  1. Piano lessons in 30 Days.
  2. Make Free Calls Anywhere in the World.
  3. Work from Home & Earn Six-Figure Income.

Testimonial Headlines

Testimonials are the best way to state the benefits and sell the product. Advertisers have known this, since always. No wonder there are so many testimonial advertisements in newspapers and television. By using a testimonial headline for your blogpost or article, you will reap the same rewards that advertisers have been reaping for ages.


  1. I Lost 30 Pounds Using This Secret Formula, You can lose too.
  2. At First I did not Trust Him, BUT He is the Best Insurance Advisor.

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