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05 Nov 09 Choosing An IT Career Path

When you’re picking the type of IT career path you want, you have to consider your options as to what is available.  Information Technology has around three basic career categories.  The education you’ll need, as well as the skill set you should develop varies between each.  So think about which sounds best to you, and which accommodates your life goals the best.


Software engineering is a major career path within information technology.  As a software engineer your responsibility would be to creating and modifying computer applications to fit the needs of the situation.  A company would essentially hire you to convert computer software to work for them.  This is a problem solving career, as you’ll be tasked with assessing a companies needs, and tailoring their software to best serve those needs.

Information technology consultants are always in high demand, as they provide information to businesses about how to better use IT.  A consultant assesses the companies technology needs with what sort of IT options would work best for them.  Consultants can work independently, and oftentimes will function as their own separate entities.  So a consultant job has a lot of freedom, as long as you have the proper credentials.

Analysts are another career path.  A systems analyst is in charge of assessing a companies current IT set up, then using the information to make improvements.  So essentially you’re collecting data about how well the system in place works, and then analyzing the data to make the system work better.  An analyst will be responsible for increasing efficiency through streamlining procedures, and updating technology.  Anything that makes the company run more smoothly from an IT perspective, it’s an analyst’s job to find the solution.

Choosing your career path isn’t necessarily easy, but each offer varying levels of freedom.  Really, the deciding factor should be your personal needs and goals.  If you like to be your own boss, a more independent position like consulting might be your best bet.  Weigh the pro’s and con’s of each, and figure out what’s right for you.

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08 Oct 09 Turn Your Hobby Into A Dream Job

Having a dream job is as simple as converting something you love doing into a venue for making money.  The real dream is turning your hobby into a real money making venture.  Imagine if you could be doing what you loved, on a daily basis, and get paid for the pleasure.  There’s practically nothing more rewarding than having a job like that.  So how can you make that dream become a tangible reality?

First, think about your hobbies.  You need a good practical one that you really enjoy.  If you enjoy cooking, something to do with the culinary field is a good bet.  Or if you like building projects, fixing up an old car, or even something like golfing, all of those could become viable business options.  Find one that you really enjoy, and that seems plausible, and roll with that idea.

From there you need to become an expert in your hobby, so that your opinion becomes really valuable.  If you like to cook, get some real experience, or better yet, go to school.  A culinary school is a fantastic way to sharpen your skills.  Plus the school will give you an invaluable education into how you could actually run a restaurant.  That could be a helpful skill in the long run, as it gives you different career options.  Go specific to your hobby, and look into educational options to make you an expert.

Before you give up your main source of income, try dipping your feet into the water of your hobby.  Again with cooking, try getting a job on a line at a restaurant, to really get a feel for the environment.  Plus this will provide you with the practice you need to excel.  When your skills are noticed at that level, you can really set yourself to succeed in your business venture.

From there you’ve got a good start, and a good idea of where to take your hobby driven career.  Use your education and your practice, and you’ve found a good starting ground to a job you’ll love.

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