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22 Dec 09 Choosing The Right Online College

Now that going to college online is a widely accepted practice, choosing the right online college is more important than ever.  Previously schools that weren’t accredited were fairly prevalent, there to take your money and deliver an education that won’t be recognized by any reputable employer.  You have to find the right school for you, and the one that will set you on the correct career path.  Remember, you’re looking for an online college to set you up for professional success, and only the best accredited options will do, to that end.

So, the first step is looking at the schools you are interested in, and checking their accreditation.  There are two types of college accreditation, regional accreditation and national.  Regional accreditation is the most important, as regional accredited schools are recognized by all employers, and their credits are transferable from school to school.  So if you find that you don’t like this school as much as you thought you would, from a regional accredited school you can transfer your course credits to a new school.

Now after you have a list of schools that interest you, with regional accreditation, you can move on to the next step.  Here you want to compare all the important factors.  Cost being a major one, think about how much the schools cost, because this student debt will take you some time to pay off.  Now you want to look at student population and student teacher ratio.  Schools with fewer students are usually more desirable, as are schools with a higher number of teachers compared to students.

Also make sure to look at the school’s graduation rate and how many credits are necessary to earn either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.  You want a school with a higher graduation rate, and with an acceptable amount of credits required.  The more credit’s a school requires, the longer it will take you to earn them, or the more money they will cost.  So take that into account when picking an online college.

Now you should have a fine tuned idea of which schools interest you the most.  From here you should get into contact with a school representative and discuss your interest.  Contact all the schools you’re interested in, and make sure you don’t make a decision until after you’ve voiced your questions and concerns to every school individually.

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11 Dec 09 Four Of The Most In Demand Career Paths

When you’re picking a career path, it’s a good idea to pick a career that has plenty of relevance.  A relevant career is one that is growing, with huge potential to remain relevant for a prolonged period of time.  That means a career that adapts to modern technology, and one where workers are in high demand.  Here is a quick list of some of the more in demand careers today:

-Computer Software Engineer.  Anything with computers is usually a good way to go, and software engineers are in high demand.  A software engineer works with a corporation’s current operating system, and retools the system to best serve the business.  Software engineers are paid well, and are likely to be in high demand for a long, long time, as computers have become integral to any business.

-Physician’s Assistant is another career path that’s in high demand.  Most medical fields are understaffed, leaving great opportunities to find a job, and advance.  A Physician’s Assistant is one of the most in demand careers that provides a good salary, and doesn’t require as much education.  To become a PA you’d need a bachelor’s degree, as well as degree from an accredited Physician’s Assistant program.

-Network Systems Analyst is another one of those great computer careers that’s on the rise, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon.  A network systems analyst is responsible for establishing email, phone, and data communication for a business.  You’ll need a computer specific bachelor’s degree, and up to date computer certifications.

-Physical/Occupational Therapists are always in high demand.  A physical therapist helps someone recover from an injury, or a disease.  A physical therapist is responsible for helping someone recover to full physical health after an injury.  Occupational therapists assist those with handicaps, and help them develop the physical skills necessary to work around their handicap.  Both are well paying careers, but you’ll need a master’s degree to enter the upper echelon of the field.

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05 Nov 09 Choosing An IT Career Path

When you’re picking the type of IT career path you want, you have to consider your options as to what is available.  Information Technology has around three basic career categories.  The education you’ll need, as well as the skill set you should develop varies between each.  So think about which sounds best to you, and which accommodates your life goals the best.


Software engineering is a major career path within information technology.  As a software engineer your responsibility would be to creating and modifying computer applications to fit the needs of the situation.  A company would essentially hire you to convert computer software to work for them.  This is a problem solving career, as you’ll be tasked with assessing a companies needs, and tailoring their software to best serve those needs.

Information technology consultants are always in high demand, as they provide information to businesses about how to better use IT.  A consultant assesses the companies technology needs with what sort of IT options would work best for them.  Consultants can work independently, and oftentimes will function as their own separate entities.  So a consultant job has a lot of freedom, as long as you have the proper credentials.

Analysts are another career path.  A systems analyst is in charge of assessing a companies current IT set up, then using the information to make improvements.  So essentially you’re collecting data about how well the system in place works, and then analyzing the data to make the system work better.  An analyst will be responsible for increasing efficiency through streamlining procedures, and updating technology.  Anything that makes the company run more smoothly from an IT perspective, it’s an analyst’s job to find the solution.

Choosing your career path isn’t necessarily easy, but each offer varying levels of freedom.  Really, the deciding factor should be your personal needs and goals.  If you like to be your own boss, a more independent position like consulting might be your best bet.  Weigh the pro’s and con’s of each, and figure out what’s right for you.

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