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02 May 09 Hey Buddy…Let’s Call it home!

Many of us were not around, probably sleeping, probably away, or may be just not interested, when the important developments on the Internet was taking place. This is happening again. It is an opportune moment. Whoever is reading this can be a part of this revolution and can be among early adopters of the new change. A new revolution has just begun. BuddyPress has just come. BuddyPress will do to social networking sites what WordPress had done to websites. Yes, BuddyPress is your own, homegrown, open-source social networking platform with all the capability of WordPress MU (multi user).

BuddyPress has all the thrills and frills of its sister WordPress with an added color of social networking. Now having a blog networks is as easy as having a blog. With BuddyPress, you can be the ringmaster of your own blog network while others will play by the rules set by you. You can think of starting a topical blog network or if you wish you can create network blog for a certain age group, let’s say for teens.

BuddyPress is a suit of WordPress plug-ins and themes that allows users to add many social interaction features like activity streams, groups and forums. It can be installed separately or as an add-on to the existing WordPress MU installation. Just like any WordPress installation, plug-ins of the BuddyPress can be themed to match the style of your blog network. All BuddyPress plug-ins are independent identities in their own right, and they can be used in two way. You use it either all the plug-ins to build your own social networking site from scratch or you can use only the selected plug-ins to add the features you want in your social networking website. With its many plug-ins BuddyPress will give you more control, and as with any WordPress installation, BuddyPress is 100 percent customizable. Some of the features that you can enable on your base installation of BuddyPress are:

Extended profiles: This component will give you the power to create specific profile field that user needs to fill in.

Private Messaging: This is akin to internal e-mail system using which a user can send, forward, and reply to messages to people on his or her friend’s list.

Like any other social networking site, social networking websites build using BuddyPress allow you to add friends, create interest-based groups, and gives an opportunity to the users to create their own forums. Other feature includes activity stream, blog tracking, and the wire. BuddyPress will add Photo albums and status updates features by the end of 2009. Status update will be added by mid 2009, whereas photo album will be added by late 2009.

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