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21 May 11 Tips for Selling Clothing Online

When the garment market is getting cluttered day-by-day, retail space in good locality is unavailable, maintenance cost is exorbitant, people lack time what can be better than selling fashion wear online? With growing numbers of internet users and young people socializing on different sites, e-commerce is picking up very fast. Net savvy people, who have a busy schedule and prefer to shop online, are particularly the target you should eye on. Many people refrain from buying clothes online, wondering if they will resemble exactly like the picture or not, will they fit perfectly or not? You need to tackle these objections when selling online. To do better, to sell more to the online buyers here are some tips.

Make clothes appear detailed, and real

Most of the people who hesitate to buy from internet fear clothes given in the picture will be somewhat different from the original product in terms of color, texture, stitches, design. Make sure photographs of your clothing offerings are of superior quality, offer three dimensional view allowing super zooming; miniscule detail of the fabric’s texture, design, color, stitches, cuts etc. Allow people to zoom at maximum possible level and see the clothing from every angle – front, back, left side, right side.

Solve the size worry

Many times people fear about fitting of the clothing; i.e.; its size. Such worry is valid, since an ill fit garment is sheer disappointing. Make sure you give a size chart below your product, elaborating measurement of different body parts and respective size chart like XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL etc. You may also use numerical. Follow the standard size chart, as people often blindly quote their size without seeing the size chart. To win people’s trust and trial, assure them with money back offer, if the garment bought does not fit well.

Don’t let the clothing hang from air

It looks very unrealistic and unappealing when sites display their clothing line, hanging from air. It doesn’t show off clothes’ textures, patterns, and cuts properly. Make sure, you display your clothes only worn by a real model or mannequin. Clothes do not display their proper texture, design, fit and cut unless cling to body.

Relevant recommendations

To hike up your sales when a viewer selects a product to see it in detail or orders for purchase, recommend few more relevant or similar choices below in thumbnails. Suppose the viewer is checking out backless blouses for women, you may recommend some open shoulder blouses too below. If a person is checking out stripe patters on shirts, you may recommend checks too. You never know, viewer may like it too and end up buying more than only the one he thought of initially.

Apart from these strategic/tactical issues which you need to handle when starting an online cloth store, you also need to think about the technical side of the business, like the quality of webhosting, bandwidth, disk space, domain name, database, website uptime, etc.

To draw an analogy from the real world, these things are akin to brick, mortar, gate, windows, and ceiling of your store. You need to have these things in place before you can execute any strategy. To put together technical aspects of running an online business at an affordable price, you can visit, it offer’s affordable webhosting solutions.


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