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08 May 11 How to Promote a Sports Club?

Sports are not just a great physical activity, but equally mental boosting and recreational source. It’s a great tool to rewind oneself, indulge ones passion and hobby and best of all stay fit. Although it’s just a miniscule percentage of people who are interested and indulge into sports all across the world, but actually with growing mayhem of urban life it’s a necessity not just an activity. Since every urbanite suffers from severe stress, frustration, work pressure, relationship conflicts, growing obesity, unhealthy food habit, and super busy lifestyle; sports is a great potion. If not an athlete, people in large should still indulge into sports to stay good. Everybody needs it – a homemaker, a school student, a college student, a professional, an old person.

But how to spread this awareness about sports, reach people and draw them towards your sports club? Here are few tips for your help.

Build their interest

It’s mostly kids, teenagers who are all the more attracted towards sports activities. They love chasing balls, diving deep into water, striking goal, hitting right on the bull’s eye. It helps in growth of a child, strengthens muscles, improves confidence and mental power, builds personality, and increases physical stamina and the like. You may sponsor a school’s sports facilities. You may offer volley ball, tennis, and cricket. Try to get into a partnership with the school; it will be happier to outsource the sports activity to your club, as you will look after its maintenance and everything. Instead you can share the total profit with the school as per mutual agreement, take the entire responsibility of sports, and get the benefit of advertising your sports club, so that sports interested kids can go to your club apart from training at school. This way you will get an opportunity to build interest of kids towards sports and you may attract them with additional and attractive sports reserved for the club members only.

Get into corporate offices

To attract the main working force, professionals who are suffering from severe stress and sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habit, it’s smart way to reach them through their offices. Join hands of corporate leaders. Introduce sports within the office premises. Ask the corporate to indulge and motivate their employees to divert their stress into relaxing sports. Specially knowing the needs of employees offer some stress bursting sports. You may slowly evolve as a corporate sports club, or if you wish to maintain own entity of your sports club, you can continue to publicize the same through corporate.

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