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24 Jun 11 How to a Develop Effective Communication Skill?

Communication skill is a vital part of our life. If you don’t have a good communication skill and fail to send the intended message across effectively, your relationship, work everything may suffer. Be it personal or professional life, effective communication is very important. Poor communication skill can result into conflict, misunderstandings, disagreement, and confusion resulting into anger, doubt, allegations and growing distance in relationships. Learn from mistakes; develop an effective communication skill. These tips may help you.

Improve your diction

Important of all things is your pronunciation. Even right grammar, great vocabulary skill may fall flat because of poor diction. Try to make your accent globally understandable. Start with singing English songs, talking in front of the mirror, imitating some ideal speakers or journalists, watching news in channels like BBC, CNN. Refer to for pronunciation guidance. Some books, audio CDs may help you too. While you speak, ask others to judge you, correct you.

Reading helps

Many times, we do not consider reading being related to speaking, but yes, it is. Unless you enrich yourself with good books you cannot reflect good communication power. So start reading as much as you can. Read good novels, journals, national dailies. Start with easy language oriented books; gradually move on to serious books. Read what interests you.

Keep a dictionary handy

Always keep a dictionary in your pocket. Whatever books you read, underline the words you are unable to understand. Make a list of words, which are new to you. Write their meanings. Now try to incorporate them in your daily conversation.

Good listener

To master good communication skill, you need to listen to good things first. Be a patient and attentive listener. See how experts speak. Do not interrupt or get defensive. Listener to others speaking.

See others point of view

Try getting others point of view, and then you will know how others can interpret your words. We all want to be heard, understood, and accepted. Encourage others to speak, try to understand their points. They will be more likely to listen to you if they feel heard.

Take criticism positively

Many of us just don’t like to be criticized. It is easy to feel critics are wrong and turn defensive. However, do not forget, it’s for your help only. Listen to the criticism, find out what makes them say so and work on the same.

Follow these tips and develop an effective communication skill.

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