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28 May 11 Tips for Travel Writing

Who is a travel writer? Well, simply put he is the person who travels a lot and writes lot about the same. If you are fond of travelling equal to the fondness for writing, it’s an extremely passionate career offering great remuneration, free stay, and great cuisine. For better understanding about the job profile, here are useful tips for your help.

Travel, travel and travel

For a travel writer flight, hotel room, jungle camp, train, cruise is more like a home, a comfort zone as he is mostly travelling. It has no other substitute. You can’t write about a place in a good manner unless you have experienced it yourself. You will miss out many points if you have not been through that. So just, go out and experience the world. Know folks, culture, cuisine, customs, and lifestyle of a place. Even if you don’t understand their language, you can get hold of its pulse.

A new perspective

Write from a new perspective with fresh findings. As most of the places are talked about, written about in all travel magazines and portals it’s difficult to find a new place altogether. Instead you may find something new about the same place and write from a new point of view altogether. As for example, you may do research on tribes of a particular place and talk about their origin, lifestyle and attachment with the place. You may trace origin of a city’s road construction history and write on the same in a vivid interesting way.

Travel reporting

Remember, a travel writer is different from a tourist. Travel writer is doing travel journalism, but in a creative manner. While you travel and visit places take notes, ask questions to the local folks and supervisors of places, know expenses of places, observe lifestyle, check public transport, taste food, know climatic conditions. You may also quote a person in your writing. The more real is your writing better travel writer you are. Learn to capture sight, sound, smell – in a nutshell essence of the place in your writing.

Read extensively

You can’t write well if you don’t read much. Start reading. Read other travel writers to know what sells, what makes a travel write up popular and a masterpiece. Pay attention to the style of writing, technical aspects of writing etc. Apart from travel books, read history, geography.

Start writing. Start travelling.

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17 Nov 09 Earn More Money From Writing

To earn more money from writing, you have to write more.  Only by making a name for yourself, and putting your work out as much as possible, can you expect to get the high earning jobs.  Write as much content as possible, and find as many outlets as you can for that creativity.  You always need a new site to write for, and the internet is full of great options.  Each one with their own benefits to your career long term.

So obviously the first step to earning more money from your writing, is to write more.  Writing as much as possible is the truest way to get better, and to create enough content .  By writing more, you create more opportunities for yourself, by being more available.  The presence you make online is the most important factor at being a successful writer.  The more renown you have, more jobs will become available, and they will pay higher rates.

Take all the opportunities you can to read others writing.  Especially writing that’s in the same field as yours.  See what the competition is doing, and where the trends are in writing.  By participating in these, and using them to influence your topics and style, you stay current.  Staying current in an ever changing medium on the internet, is paramount. Especially if you hope to be successful.

Write outside your comfort zone to develop your skills.  By writing about topics, or in styles that you’re not familiar with, you grow as a writer.  This way you can use what you’ve learned in your own work.  You’ll be a more solid writer because of it, and your writing will reflect that.  There’s really no better way to find your own unique voice than to attempt everything you can.

Invest in yourself.  This means time and money.  Have faith that your hard work will pay off.  That’s why you are a writer, because you know where it can take you if you work hard.  So keep on going to that end.  You never know how far the road will take you, if you’re too afraid to invest the necessary efforts to get there.

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05 Nov 09 Finding Ideas To Write About

One of the huge problems being a writer, is finding your ideas.  You have to be able to create an influx of ideas, even when you feel stuck.  Part of having the longevity to have a writing career is knowing how to work past the tough days.  As a writer, not having an idea of what to write about just isn’t an option, so here are a few tips to make sure you always have fresh ones aplenty.

Something that people are usually able to write about at any time, is an issue that bothers them.  Whether a story in the news, or in your personal life, write about something you dislike.  This can be a useful exercise, as it’s easy to let yourself rant.  Once the words start flowing about something, they’ll start flowing about everything.

If you have a personal blog, which all writers should have, try writing about something different.  If you mostly focus on your current daily life, try writing about your past.  Think about the way things were before you are now.  Confront some hardships, or an aspect of your life that you miss.  Anything that moves you, to get those creative parts of your brain moving and working.

Try to challenge yourself.  Write outside of your comfort zone.  Anything that forces you to think outside of your normal box.  That’s a useful activity to help you constantly see scenarios in different ways, so that you’ll always have new ideas.

The more you can force yourself to write about different things, the  more you’ll be able to write.  Part of writing is letting yourself write content that you aren’t confident about.  You don’t always have to submit that work for someone else’s approval, but progress is progress.  At least getting something out will make you feel better, and less stressed for the next time.

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