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28 Nov 10 3 Thumb rules of an Advertising Campaign

A successful advertising campaign calls for great effort behind it, keeping in focus the objective to be met, creative aspect desired, media relevance. An advertising campaign is a series of advertisements adhering to same theme, run over a series of media. While making an advertising campaign, people should know its basic thumb rules.

Here are some guidelines for an advertising campaign.

Keep up the similarity

Keeping the theme same is very important, that’s what advertising campaign is all about. Start your advertising campaign with cracking the concept. Ideate a concept, which is truly out-of-the-box. Develop a theme. Don’t forget, this central theme will remain constant all over the campaign. Central idea of the campaign can’t change. Decide on what you wish to say and how you say that. If you have a headline, it will run everywhere. It will be a headline in print ad, a super in television ad and a voice over in radio advertisement. If you have coined a jingle, it will run across all the media too. If you have coined a specific mascot or character, it should be in every advertisement. Tonality, message will be same all over. If your brand seeks a celebrity endorser, make sure you utilize his presence across all media. It may cost more, but that’s rule of campaign, else campaign will fall flat.

Choice of media

An advertising campaign generally runs over a series of media like print, electronic, outdoor etc. Since an advertising campaign aims maximum visibility, brand exposure, awareness and preference it’s generally released over multiple media, making sure people watch it whether knowingly or unknowingly. So make sure you choose a wide variety of media for your ad campaign. Keeping the theme same, your advertisement’s dramatization may vary from one media to another. You may also choose POP media, transit media, specialty media, digital media and the like.

Time of release

Time of release of the advertisement campaign across all the media has to be on the same time, to cast the synergistic effect. Since an advertising campaign is launched to promote something new it comes in all media at the same time. Maximum exposure works magical for the brand.

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