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25 Sep 10 How to Boost your Self-Esteem?

It’s not uncommon that many people constantly suffer from low self-esteem. At times people feel inferior and suffer from sheer depression because they don’t have much wealth, good clothes, sense of fashion or etiquette, good pronunciation etc. But they don’t realize the worth of being a good human. A good self-esteem, an ideal self is actually within you, may be dormant. You need to awaken it, stir it, and make life worth living.

Here are some tips.

Talk to yourself in front of the mirror

Self help is the best help. Try to talk to yourself. In our subconscious mind we do analyze ourselves, converse with self. Talk to yourself in front of the mirror. Treat yourself respectfully. Realize self worth, self weaknesses. Praise yourself, ridicule yourself. Preach yourself, scare yourself. Treat yourself as your best friend. Talk good things in front of the mirror. Say it loud enough to believe in it.

Analyze your strengths and use them

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Try to realize them and admit too. Admitting own weaknesses makes it easier to improve them. What’s more important is finding out own strengths and making them so strong that weaknesses appear negligible and small. Make the sunshine look so radiant, that people ignore the darkness following.

Follow others whom you admire

There’s no harm in following footsteps of the people, you admire. It’s those qualities which make him appreciated, admired. So why not follow them? Jot down the qualities you admire. Next, set your goal and action path. Set small goals, which can be measured. As you start working towards them and reaching small goals, your self confidence will boost up automatically.

Don’t compare yourself with others

Don’t compare yourself with others. Every human is different. There may be people who are better looking, better skilled or better paid. But don’t compare, it’s self defeating act. You may have many talents which others won’t possess. Be yourself, love yourself.

Recall your success

When you really feel low just recall your success, the moments when all flattered you to the core. Store those precious moments in your heart and cherish. It will hike your self esteem. If your share of failures has been more than success, just know that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Do the good deed, success will follow.

Make sure you are surrounded by optimists

Avoid people who spread negativity. If you are surrounded by such people their pessimism, cynical attitude will also get absorbed into you. Choose positive, helpful, fun-loving people. Positive energy will find space within you too.

Now, feel the change in your self esteem.

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