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04 Oct 09 5 More Ways to Improve Your Writing Part-XIII

This is the final post in 5 Ways to Improve Your Writing series. In this post, I will talk about how to get new ideas for writing. The ideas I am going to discuss here will not only give you matters to write upon, but it will also bring depth in your writing.

Spice up your life

Try different things. Indulge in different activities. Bring newness to your life. The more experience you will gain the better and deeper your writing will become. If you want to make career in writing then be prepared to experience as many things as you can. Do not foster any inhibition.

Read literature from different culture

If you do not know any other language other than English then read the translated version, but read as many books from as many cultures as you can. This will deepen your insight into human life, values, rites and rituals, customs, traditions, and lifestyle, etc. This knowledge will help you bring depth and variety to your characters.

Deconstruct books

Have you ever thought what made a certain book so successful, and why some fictions are held as masterpiece? What is that one thing that is making one book reach to your heart? You can know this by analyzing and reflecting on the books that you like. Deconstruct books, stories and articles to see how it was created.

Learn the story wireframe

To be a better story writer, you need to know about the principal, construction, and architecture of a story. Once you know the framework on which a story is set, chances of your writing a good story will increase manifolds.

Learn Metaphors and read stories

Human thinks and communicate in metaphors and the richer your metaphor’s repertoire is the better your expression will be. Communicating everything in crude way is not the sensibility a writer is known for. To be a good writer, you need to be subtle. You need the art to say things even without saying anything else. Read famous lines, quotations, stories, and sayings. You will find each one of them filled with rich metaphors. Learn the art and practice it in your writing.

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