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27 Feb 10 A Job-Search Guide to Help People Over 45 – XV

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Personal meeting and job interviews are not the places where you can hide your age. It is simply not possible. So, why to try! And as it is so far in the series we have seen why you should play your age, and not try to hide it. But, one thing that may concern you during the interview is the age, not yours, but of the people around you, of the person taking your interview, and of the people with whom you have to work. Let’s see how you should deal with it.

Age should not matter

Neither yours nor your interview’s age should matter to you when you are on the interview table. The chances are quite realistic that your interviewer will be much younger than you. Do not get unnerved by that. Be calm and give him the respect you gave to your older interviewer when you were young. Treat anyone on the interviewer’s chair with respect.

Convey your desire to work with younger crowd

One of the main concerns of an employer hiring an older person is the new employee’s ability to mix with the young crowd. Make it clear to the interviewer that you do not have any problem in working with young people. Working with young people, particularly getting managed by them doesn’t go well with everyone. Many do not like to get managed by someone who is less experienced then him. You should make this clear to your employer that you do not belong from that group.

During your interview, you need to convey to your employer that you have the desire to keep up with younger crowd, and you are willing to learn new technologies and new way of doing things so that you could succeed. Do not forget to ask about the prospect of success in the organization you are being interviewed for.

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