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23 Oct 09 Alternate Income Source for Freelance Writer

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I write because I love writing, and I suppose you also feel the same. Writing is not like producing soap that you can do even when you do not want to. This is where writing is different from doing any other thing. But what if you are not satisfied with the income you get from writing? What if you want to increase your income because you need more money?

Should you leave your freelance writing that you enjoy so much and take some regular and more paying job? Or should you look for alternative source of income?

What you will choose from the given options depends on what is your priority. For me, the choice is simple. I would go for developing the alternative source of income. And I believe most of the readers of this post will want to do the same. Therefore, I will be talking about alternative source of income that you could develop to increase your income.

  1. You can start an AdSense or any advertisement supported website.
  2. You can write an e-book.
  3. You can start a coaching program.
  4. Become a corporate blogging consultant.
  5. Create a team of writer and get bulk content done.
  6. Become a content consultant

Your options are not limited to these. You can do many more things while continuing your freelance writing.

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